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Al- Tayer group has central offices located in Dubai, UAE with presence in operation in 12 states in Middle East and beyond. It was established in 1979 and is private house. It has 7900 employees of assorted nationalities. Businesss operated by Al Tayer Group are extremely focused on quality in assorted Fieldss like gross revenues and services, car, cosmetics, interior catching, aromas and luxury.

Portfolio of this group includes many taking trade names e.g. Bvlgari, Ford, Ferrari, Gap, Gucci, Maserati, Harvey Nichols, Banana Republic and Armani. It operates in over in assorted markets in Middle East and have 180 shops. Apart from this they invest in supply concatenation direction, travel bureau services, existent estate and tools fabrication.

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The companies that Al Tayer group has are:

  • Al Tayer Motors: it was established in 1982 which represents American and European makers like Ford, Jaguar and Land Rover.
  • Al Tayer Insignia: it is the luxury retail company of the group which is the largest in the Middle East. It represents the trade name Harvey Nichols, Gucci, Armani etc.
  • Al Tayer trends: it started in 2006 and represents 16 trade names across four divisions of nutrient and drink, beauty, place and manner which reflect the diverseness in this section.
  • Al Tayer Tijariya: it is the taking distributer in the Middle East of cosmetics, aromas and accoutrements. It entirely distributes 50 international trade names.

Their mission revolves around passion trust and relationships. They want to be first-class in everything they do to acquire success. Their mark market is huge and they have targeted males and females both by bring forthing both cosmetics and cars. Their mark market includes males and females of age above 20 and upper in-between category.

Job Description: at Al Tayer Stocks we are looking for a undertaking Engineer who can fall in the squad and implement our plans for undertaking in a mode that is organized and cost effectual on site. The duties would be:

  • Measuring the stuff and employee demand of a undertaking accurately
  • Obtaining project’s drawings
  • Aid in fixing the accurate plan of undertaking
  • Regularly oversing the site
  • Updating client on the advancement of undertaking
  • Ensure that undertaking harmonizing to the desires of client
  • Track the mileposts and deliverables of the undertaking.

Job specification: Qualified Civil Engineer with an experience of 3 to 5 old ages in successful undertakings, in managing little to medium sized undertakings, in managing duties as a undertaking applied scientist.

You must hold good communicating accomplishments and people direction accomplishments along with an oculus for item and exposure of the environment of site. These are the qualities that we seek in you.

INTERVIEW Justification:

It was an informational interview and the inquiries I asked were as follows:

  1. What is the nature of concern of Al Tayer Group?
  2. In how many states do you hold operations?
  3. How many employees work here? ( unsmooth thought )
  4. What is your nucleus competence?
  5. Which trade name is most celebrated in the Middle East?
  6. How many portfolios of merchandises you have?
  7. What is your mark market? Lower in-between category or upper in-between category?
  8. How is concern managed here with so many subdivisions and shops and mercantile establishments?
  9. How make you maintain your employees satisfied? Do you offer them compensation?
  10. What is the on the job civilization here?
  11. How make you pull off your employees who have different nationalities and civilization?


  1. Suppose that in a undertaking, the squad you are provided includes a member with whom you ne’er able to construct good working dealingss. Explain how would cover with this member?
  2. Suppose you are working on a major undertaking but all of a sudden the precedence of the undertaking changes. What would you make?
  3. Suppose that you introduces a new policy which you team member are unwilling to accept. Describe how would you manage opposition of your squad members?
  4. If you found out that a squad member is non working up to the criterion. What would you make?
  5. State me about a clip where you had to confront a major client who was non satisfied with your work even though you put all your energy and clip?

Two Employees whom I interviewed:

Samantha Allen:

She is the HR executive at Al Tayer group and has remained senior enlisting adviser at Charterhouse, enlisting adviser accounting and finance at Parkside Recruitment. She has more than 500 connexions

She has a 6 twelvemonth experience of working at Al Tayer Group. Harmonizing to her Al Tayer group has a portfolio of singular trade names that are really celebrated in the universe in manner, place and luxury classs. Operationss have been expanded in more than 12 states successfully.

She have accomplishments in executive hunt, human resources, recruiting, talent direction, interviews, proficient recruiting, employee dealingss, employee battle, employee benefits, behavioural interviewing, questioning accomplishments, competence based interviewing.

Halyna Kitor:

She is the GM human resources at Al Tayer Group and has past working experience at Harrods as human resources adviser. She got her instruction from Thames valley university, university college Kenosington and Lviv university of Ivan Franko. She has 339 connexions.

She has been employed at Al Tayer from last 8 old ages and 10 months get downing in October 2005. Harmonizing to her Al Tayer group is a really big and expanded in private held company with a civilization where people from different nationalities can work with easiness. There are 7900 employees working at Al Tayer Group.

She has accomplishments in employee dealingss, employee battles, employee benefits, talent direction and enlisting.

Interview inquiries:

I will inquire these inquiries from both Samantha Allen and Halyna Kitor:

  1. What is your age?
  2. What’s your ethnicity?
  3. What is your employment position?
  4. What is your matrimonial position?
  5. What is your employment position?
  6. How happy are you with your occupation?
  7. How do you experience about the benefits provided to you at Al Tayer?
  8. What would you alter if you were the proprietor of the company?
  9. How is your experience working with company?
  10. Make you acquire grasp for your work?
  11. Do you experience accomplished?
  12. Do you experience encouraged to come up with new thoughts and showing it?
  13. Department of energies company maintain you informed about affairs that straight affect you?
  14. Are you satisfied with your engagement in determinations that affect your work?
  15. Is the work environment comfy?

Analysis and Findingss:

Harmonizing to them they both are holding a really good working experience of at Al Tayer Group because of flexible timings and a great squad to work with. There is so much work in a twenty-four hours that it’s sometimes difficult but they ne’er get bored. They even get a opportunity to take part in assorted different undertakings and ever bask them. They have learned a great trade from the diverse civilization of the group.

They found all employees at Al Tayer really co-operative and they both have good working dealingss with directors and other sections as good. They both found their occupation hard and disputing at the start but that’s the instance everyplace as adjusting in a new environment is ever difficult, but one time adjusted it was fun working at Al tayer.

As both of them are in HR section they have to cover with people every twenty-four hours. Bing a big and drawn-out group, occupation gets palling but they both have love for covering with people so they enjoy it as every twenty-four hours they get a opportunity to run into new people from different states from all over the universe.

The direction at Al Tayer is really supportive and makes certain that the civilization and values of the company are followed at all clip. They give a really good acquisition environment and besides provide good chances and gives value to quality client service more than anything else. They are unfastened to alter and bask a good mixture of Arab and west civilization.

Although they both are satisfied with their occupations and are motivated to work with Al Tayer but some issues that I found are that Al Tayer group doesn’t supply its employees with long term chances for their senior staff and they need to larn a balanced manner to pull off people to do certain that employees at all degree are satisfied.

The advancement in company is really slow and it’s really hard to acquire publicity as there are 7900 employees in this group. As there is a deficiency of direction in the group it frequently happens that one employee or another doesn’t get publicity or wages for difficult work.

Decision and Recommendation:

I will urge the Al Tayer group to:

  • Provide more chances to its employees so that they can turn their calling while working at Al Tayer
  • Learn to pull off people efficaciously as Al Tayer is a multi diverse group with employee from 100 different nationalities. When there are employees from so many different states in one topographic point there is ever a struggle of involvement an Al Tayer should happen effectual ways to cover with its employees.
  • Bing a big group, determination devising procedure here is really slow and most of the positions and thoughts of employees at lower degree are ignored which de motivated them. So in order to be even more successful in future, Al Tayer needs to do certain that employees at all degree are satisfied with the working environment they are provided and that they get a opportunity to talk up.

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