A: Freedom Essay

Freedom is a very respectful word, to me it is the root from which we grew. Like the people before us, we could never truly appreciate what it has given us. Freedom resides in all of us, and I mean of all races and sex, age, creature we all feel it is our life. Even in the beginning freedom birthed before us and as we grew and learned to appreciate and long for it, it became us, we are freedom and freedom is how we began.

It is our motivation to be who we want to be and to be who we are. What does freedom really mean to me? Well freedom means a lot to me it is the absolute reason

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A: Freedom
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I am doing what I’m doing right now. It is a set path to achieve and have what you want out of life, freedom is the basic need in life to strive for greatness, especially for me. What would I have without freedom? That is I would have nothing, no reason for living, no reason for waking up in the morning, no reason for anything.

My life would be completely nothing, at least with freedom to look forward to my life would have a little meaning, and even Just enough to grow and prosper. That is what freedom means to me it is my very reason to be better than those before me, to be a better me. Freedom is truly the life within us all.

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