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As the story goes through Stave’s journey, think the counselor learned a lot from the student. In the story, it states that Steve has a personal goal in mind that he just wanted to be normal. The counselor on the other hand wanted to help Steve through any issues he might be having. But I don’t think the counselor quite understood Stave’s frustration until the part of the story was shared where Steven started too struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts. Steve took it upon his self during the schools winter break to check himself into a local outpatient group at a local hospital during the break.

The counselor then recalls getting a phone call from a psychiatrist. That in which the psychiatrist Stave’s condition and his struggle with depression. I believe this was a turning point for the counselor because he started to understand the struggles Steve has had to face due to some of his disabilities. He stated to Steve “Seems every doctor you run into is hell bent on telling you want you are not going to be able to do it. I take it you didn’t tell her bout your near-death experience and choosing the longer and more difficult path? ” I felt as if that statement showed he was able to finally connect with the student on their level.

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That he understands that most of the doctors that have evaluated Steve have always tried to get him to cope with his illness. I think this really changed Stave’s view on his school counselor trust and understanding. Feel that when I have the opportunity to get into the field, I’m sure that most people will change me the same way Steve change the counselor. In this field, oh have to abide by the book and rely on what you learned in the school as a foundation. But I feel in order to be successful in any aspects of this career field you will only be as successful as you want to be.

What I mean by this, Is you have to be open minded and learn to listen to others. Not every person you deal with on a daily bases will be the same; they may have similar problems but different paths. I think that Stave’s relationship went down a positive path with his counselor once he realized that the counselor understood what Stave’s ultimate AOL was and how he copes with his emotions towards his disabilities. In the end, think that Steve did benefit from their relationship because he was able to take in the counselor advice and graduate in his career of choice.

Part B: Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals When working the human service field, it is a very interesting and challenging job. The idea of this field is to practice in a setting of a variety of clients and help them through their problems. The main goal of a human service worker is to serve humanity by helping others overcome any issues they be battling. Their job is to assess the nature of the problem and help their client develop a plan that can help that address their problem.

A successful human service worker follows the Human Services ethical standards in order to improve other’s lives on a personal and social level. After reading over the Human Service ethical standards, I feel that statement one really grasps my interest in getting into the field and really outlines this career field is all about. Statement 1 states “Human Services professionals negotiate with clients the purpose, goals, and tauter of the helping relationship prior to its onset as well as inform clients of the limitation of the proposed relationship. When reference part one of our assignment, I see how important the role of the counselor really was to Steve. In order for the counselor to be able to understand Steve problems, he needed to be set up goals and start to grow a positive relationship with his client. I think it is very important for anyone getting into human service field to understand and take in the values of Human Service ethical standards guidelines. It does just hat it says in the title, it is a guideline.

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