A Guide for the Works of the Prophets

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The prophesier Amos is listed in Scripture as one of the 12 minor prophetical couriers ( James Gray. 2007 ). Among the other minor Prophets was the Prophetess:

  • Joel.
  • Hosea.
  • Obadiah.
  • Jonah.
  • Nahum.
  • Micah.
  • Zephaniah.
  • Haggai.
  • Zechariah
  • Malachi ( Torah ).

In the 4th chapter of the Book of Amos. verses 1-6. the prophesier delivers a message of devastation that will come from God ( Christ Notes. 2008 ). The first few poetries of the Book described the character of God’s instrument. a shepherd from the southern land of Israel ( Gray. 2007 ).

Newbies are mainly couriers of the Lord. as they are entrusted to present a message from the Lord ( David Noel Freedman. 2008 ). God delivers his message to the Prophetess in vision or by agencies of dreams ( Freedman. 2008 ). But in the exceeding instances such as Moses. God spoke to him “face-to-face” ( Freedman. 2008 ). God calls the Prophetess to transport out the bringing of His message. or a “commission” ( Freedman. 2008 ). God initiates the call of the courier. normally with dreams or visions or a supernatural event. as in the instances of Isaiah and Ezekiel ( Freedman. 2008 ).

The messages of the Minor Prophets that they delivered in God’s Name were fundamentally one in nature. and that was God will convey the states to account for their behavior ( Torah ). Amos’ message was focused on the Ten Tribes of Israel ( Torah ). The Israelites were delighting in their newfound wealth. with an insatiate desire for more ( Christ Notes. 2008 ). This can be deduced upon reading the Eighth chapter of Amos. poetries 4-6 ( Christ Notes. 2008 ). Amos’ message of the inevitable devastation and imprisonment upon the people of Israel. went mostly unnoticed ( Got Questions. 2008 ) .


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