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A Memorable Event in My Life

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A Memorable Event in My Life
The most memorable event in my life is watching a dead body sitting up at 4 o’clock in the morning, and it happen at the funeral parlor. In addition, I have to say this is the only time I pee on my pants, because it’s scared me hardly! Everything has to start 2 years ago, I am a funeral worker, or another word to say I am an undertaker, my father plays piano on the funeral for at least thirty years, and my grandparents also work almost the same profession, so seeing a lot of kinds of funerals are a formal view of my life.

After I have success getting the funeral instructor license, I have work for undertaker for half year, and the reason I leave for undertaker this profession is that memorable night in September. As usual, I get a phone call at 1 o’clock in the morning; boss says they got three cases, so I prepare and get ready to the funeral parlor, when I arrive, I dress up, and ready to wash the corpse, the corpse is a very young man, about28-30 years old.

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A Memorable Event in My Life
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He dies of suicide by taken sleeping pills overdose.

When I was washing his body and wearing the clothes on, suddenly, his finger moves! First, I think it’s my illusion, but just in the second minutes, he opens his eyes! I ran out and yell for help, and at last the administrator came with me, and she is a 60 more years old women, she doesn’t believe me, she says sometime happen that kind of phenomenon. However, when we get back to the body, his eyes close. So the administrator said I must be giddiness, just in the next moment, the body open his eyes and sit up! The administrator scream, “Oh My God!” than she ran out, and I also ran after her. We call the police and the ambulance, after ten minutes the police and the ambulance arrive. They went in and check the man is not dead yet, so they bring him back to the hospital. And I found out that I was to scare so I pee on my pants, so embarrass! After four days, I heard the man still die and I also quit the job. This event makes me very, very memorable, and I will never forget!

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