Significant Event in My Life

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Life is an uncertain voyage filled with disorderly and significant occurrences that mold us into wise individuals. These instances not only offer valuable teachings but also create a lasting influence, serving as guiding principles in our lives.

The moment that had a lasting impact on me and was of utmost importance was when I made the decision about my future career, specifically selecting my major. In my freshman year of high school, I already knew that working with underprivileged children was what I wanted to do. However, at that point in time, I wasn’t sure which field this passion belonged to. It wasn’t until the end of my junior year that I began considering my major. Slowly but surely, all the elements of what brings me happiness started coming together and it dawned on me that becoming a Social Worker is where my true calling lies.

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I selected Sociology as my major in college and never questioned my decision. There are multiple reasons why I chose this field of study, including my personal passion, the experiences shared by my teachers, and the gratifying feeling one gets from selflessly helping others. Additionally, the rewarding aspect of assisting someone without any expectation of personal gain is a powerful motivator. This journey started when I engaged in my first volunteer project during my freshman year of high school.

Our task was to renovate the girls’ bathroom at my school, which took us a week to complete.

Volunteering at a school provided me with a sense of pride and accomplishment, even though it did not involve working with less fortunate children. This experience motivated me to think about my next service project and eagerly anticipate future volunteer opportunities.

In the beginning, my plan was to pursue a career in law because I enjoyed debates and excelled at defending my viewpoints. I had no doubts about dedicating eight years to post-college education and attending Law School in order to pass the bar exam. However, when a better opportunity presented itself while I was still young, I am grateful that it prevented me from pursuing an unsuitable path.

Consequently, I abandoned my aspiration of becoming a lawyer and instead focused on studying society, which would enhance my chances of achieving my true dream. Without this change in direction, I would be writing an entirely different essay regarding an unrelated significant event in Sociology.

As I progressed through my freshman and sophomore years into junior and senior years, I began considering my senior project based on what truly interested me rather than opting for something easier or less demanding.

Initially, I considered job-shadowing my father as my first idea because I enjoyed working alongside him. However, upon reflection, I felt somewhat hesitant about committing fully to this option. The subsequent idea I came up with was to engage in community service. Naturally, my mind drifted back to my initial experience with community service, which involved assisting others. I decided that volunteering at a foster home would enable me to have firsthand exposure to the lives of underprivileged children and gain insights into the role of a Social Worker. Unfortunately, there were no available opportunities that fit within my desired timeframe. Consequently, I settled for the next best alternative, which entailed volunteering at a Boys & Girls Club.

Despite not being able to work with a Social Worker as planned, I found another way to help children in need. I pitched my idea to my advisor and received approval. Then, I went to the closest club, filled out an application, met with a mentor, and started getting involved within one month. For a whole month, I dedicated myself to volunteering with these kids three times per week, totaling over 50 hours of community service. Throughout this time, my activities included teaching them reading, writing, and basketball.

When I had to present all of this information in a PowerPoint to advisors and parents, I did so with complete confidence. It was definitely one of the most valuable experiences I had in solidifying my chosen major in Sociology and my future as a Social Worker. Once my presentation was done, the feedback from my panel members solidified my decision. The comment that impacted me the most came from my advisor, Ms. Lewis. She said, “You’re one of the seniors who truly show a drive to make this project your career path, without any obstacle in your way. It’s easy to remember meaningful words, even if they are lengthy, because they stick with you.” Her support, along with another teacher, Mr. Fosberg, made my senior project and chosen major one of my greatest achievements so far. Mr. Fosberg was my Sociology teacher during my senior year, and his teaching style was unlike any other I had experienced.

He was a brutally honest individual who consistently demonstrated the validity of his beliefs rather than merely asserting them. His realistic perspective on society greatly influenced my own thinking. With his guidance and my tenacity, our senior project was successfully completed without any hitches. Throughout my final year in school, he acted as my mentor, and we frequently met outside of class to engage in discussions about diverse subjects; from his college years to ongoing societal transformations. Ultimately, he instilled in me the ability to critically analyze information, confidently express myself, and fearlessly articulate my viewpoints.

I greatly admire Sociologists and aspire to adopt their perspective on life. Reflecting on my own experiences, I hope to be able to say, “I have pursued all my desires and am grateful for that.” Despite my father’s attempts to convince me to choose a different major, I wish he would stop and accept my decision. However, I understand his reasoning. My aunt chose to become a Sociologist and experienced immense joy in it at first, just like how I currently feel because it brings her happiness.

However, she became excessively engrossed to the extent that it began to dominate her existence. She placed greater faith in the principles of Sociology than she did in life itself. She delved into countless books, each containing diverse perspectives, resulting in an overwhelming surplus of information within her mind. Presently, her way of life is unendurable, causing disconnection from her loved ones, including my father. I acknowledge that this presents a valid argument, yet my father must have faith in me when I assure him that I will not become like her.

Despite his initial caution, I think he is beginning to comprehend and value my enthusiasm for Sociology. With the help and direction of my mother, I am committed to obtaining a degree in Sociology and pursuing a profession as a Social Worker. As I approach the midpoint of my first year in college, I am enrolling in Sociology courses to establish the foundation for my future career. Having selected this major with unwavering resolve, I have a distinct vision and objective for the next three and a half years of my college experience.

Despite acknowledging that time will pass quickly, I had the same realization when I started high school. Even though I faced challenges in my second year, my determination to avoid repeating past mistakes remains strong as I enter college. The circumstances have changed now, allowing me to choose and explore areas of study that interest me. With this in mind, I maintained my focus back then and will continue to do so now. Selecting a major is undoubtedly the most important milestone in my life up until this point; however, I firmly believe that achieving this goal will be another significant achievement for me – a moment eagerly awaited.

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