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A Personal Self Assessment



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    The purpose of a personal self-assessment is to get to know who you are better. It helps you identify your likes, dislikes, personal characteristics, values, wants, needs, strengths and weaknesses.

    A personal self-assessment is also needed to help you identify which career is suitable for you. Logically, you should first know who you are before you can even decide what you wanted to be. These steps will help you write a personal self assessment.Steps to Get to Know Yourself BetterFirst of all, you have to be honest.

    You should set aside your fears and insecurities. This step will set the success of the self-assessment process. It is important to be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. Look in the mirror and face the person that you see in front of you.

    Take time to reflect on your imperfections and take note of your best features as well. Remember that you need to look at who you are inside and out. Reflect on your good and your bad characteristics may it be physically, emotionally or spiritually.As soon as you have reflected on your strengths and weaknesses, take note of your likes and dislikes.

    It will be better if you can also include the reasons why and what triggers you to like or dislike themNext, take note of the things that make you happy and the things that make you feel down. Ask yourself what makes you to get out of bed each day and what makes you feel frustrated. This will help you identify your joys and sorrows that will serve as your foundation for building on your happiness and learning from your sorrows.Your personal self-assessment should also include a list of your interest.

    What are the things that you enjoy doing during your free time? Are you the type of person who spends time reading novels or are you the type who likes to travel to different places? This will help you understand your work or career interests.Another factor to consider is your personality. Are you the type of person who likes to talk to other people a lot or are you the type of person who prefers to work on something alone. It is important to know your personality type to identify the career that will better fit you.

    Aside from understanding your personality, you should also take note of your skills and abilities. What are you good at? Are you good in writing or are you doing better in planning events or drawing buildings? Talents and natural abilities can help you identify which career would enhance your potentials.In conclusion, making a personal self-assessment will make you more aware of what you are really made of. This is going to help you a lot in deciding on your career path.

    Since we all change constantly, it is necessary that we take a personal self-assessment periodically in relation to their career goals.

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