Consistent Results of the Self-Assessment for Managers

I think that the results of the Self-Assessment are consistent with my self-perception. The reason why is that I do like helping others, but I also need to help myself. I think that everything should be equal and fair. I also think that manager should be Equity sensitive. They should treat everyone equal and fair. Every person is different and managers have to handle every kind of person even if it’s from Benevolents to Entitledst Benevolents are people who are not motivated They do not care if they are noticed. They do not have high expectations nor do they think they deserve anything. If they are hard workers, they don’t care if they get noticed For a manger to motivate a Benevolent I think the best thing to do is let them know they actually matter in the company. For example if they do a great job in a project Give them a little reward or just let them know they are noticed.

Even though these people don’t care they like to hear from people that they are noticed for their work. An Equity-Sensitive person doesn’t need too much help for motivation. The only reason why is because they think everything is fair. If someone gets a reward and a Equity-Sensitive person doesn‘t then they just know next time work harder. These people are motivated in themselves and don’t need a manger to help them in the right steps, Entitled on the other hand seems hard to handle. They only care about themselves and they think they are better than everyone else They think if they do one thing correct they should get this big award, if they don’t then they get upset. An Entitled is all about themselves and they don‘t care much about others.

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As a manager an Entitle is harder to handle, a manager needs to bring this person down to earth with the reality that not everything resolves around that person. I think that a manager should have a volunteer event to help others and to make sure that this person attends the event to show that helping others is a good thing to do, That you feel better about yourself after helping out others. Third, self-awareness is also a common theme in self-assessment for managers. Managers must be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses and be willing to seek feedback from others. They must also be able to recognize their biases and be open to different perspectives and ideas.

Fourth, time management and organizational skills are also frequently identified as critical for effective management. Managers must be able to prioritize tasks, manage their time effectively, and delegate tasks to others when appropriate. Finally, adaptability and flexibility are also important qualities for managers. They must be able to adapt to changes in the business environment and be flexible in their approach to problem-solving. Overall, the consistent themes that emerge from self-assessment for managers highlight the importance of communication, leadership, self-awareness, time management, organizational skills, adaptability, and flexibility. Managers who excel in these areas are more likely to be successful in their roles and achieve their goals.

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