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A Place Where There Are Theaters Where Plays And Musicals are Staged

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    Theatre is an art and under that belt you have plays, opera and musicals. An opera Is like a musical but there isn’t an end to the singing, every line is sung. This nickname come about because Broadway was one of the first streets in the united states To be lit with electronic lights. The nick name remains popular today because millions of lights On theatre marquees and bill board advertisements still light up the night sky along Broadway I will explain how everything works during a Chicago Broadway show. It has been around for Long time since Broadway musical were established. Broadway music not only helps people to Show their talents but also can help people to teach them Morales. Broadway music attracts people downtown Chicago many people are being helped through Broadway.

    I also realized that people started calling the theatre different names. Here is thing let’s all unite together to help young and older people to improve their talents through Broadway music.Broadway music known as a camedians home, Broadway music has terrific seats to the events That took place in downtown Chicago, many people from Chicago and different places in the Country comes to celebrate Broadway music, people do have different beliefs about Broadway Music, some believe it as entertainment, other believe it as a talent show, other as a relaxing Place. Let’s first start with comedians in Broadway music as well all known comedians are the People who make people laugh. Broadway’s first “long-run” musical was a 50 Performance hit called “the elves” in 1857 In 1870, the heart of Broadway was in union square, and by the end of the century many theatres Were near Madison Square.

    I f you would wear it to religious services or a sit-down dinner at Your boss’s house, it’s probably appropriate for Broadway. dark dress, pants and a dress shirt, A knee-length skirt with a blouse, or dark cocktail dress all make perfectly fine choices To where to Broadway, I tried to do some research to see the top Broadway musical of all The “lion king” was the highest grossing musical of all time, another Disney adaptation. Filled with catchy songs and appealing to audiences of all ages, the production won numerous Tony awards including best picture and is one of one of only three shows to earn more than $1billion. Wicked is the alternative telling of “the wizard of Oz”.it focuses on the wicked witch of the west (Elphaba) and Galina the good witch (who later changes her name to Glinda. It’s one of the Only three Broadway shows to earn more than $1billion and remains the second most successful Of all time. It’s still running now.

    The Phantom of the opera this Andrew Lloyd weber musical tells the story of a beautiful soprano Who becomes obsessed with a disfigured musical genius who lives in labyrinth underneath the Paris opera house. It opened on Broadway in 1986 and celebrated its 10000th performance In 2012- a feat no other show ever achieved. “the Mamma Mia” musical is based on the hit songs from the musical group ABBA including Their 1975 hit “Mamma Mia!” the Broadway show raked in all kinds of cash during its 14years Run making it the ninth longest running performance and fourth highest earner. “the 1996 revival of Chicago” the original Broadways musical Chicago opened in 1975 and Ran for 936 performances before closing in 1977. It was revived in1996 and went on to became Second longest running Broadway show of all time. The story is based on a pair of women who were accused of homicide and the media spectacle that followed.

    “The Jersey boys” is a documentary- style performance that tells the story of the 1960s rock’s roll Group the four Season. Popular songs featured in the performance include “big girls don’t cry,” Sherry,” “December 1963 (oh what a Night), My eyes adored you,” “stay,” “can’t take my eyes off you,” working my way back to you,” and “Rag Doll.” The show won four Tony awards including best musical. “The Book of Mormon” this musical Broadway comedy tells the tale of two Mormon Missionaries who are intent on bringing the message of their religion to Uganda. The script, Lyrics, and matt stone of south park fame and features as some type of satirical humor you can Expect from the duo the show opened in 2011 and is still running. “Beauty and Beast” all eight songs the original movie a long with one that was cut from The film version made it into the Broadway retelling of beauty and the beast.

    Critics called it One of the finest musicals to hit the stages, and fans kept coming back for 13 years from 1994- 2007. “Les Misérables” informally known as les mis or les mis, this French story is set in 19th century France and follows a peasant (Jean Valjean) seeking atonement after being arrested for stealing A loaf of bread for his sister’s starving child. This revolutionary saga is heart breaking, yet Popular: les Mis is the ninth most profitable Broadway show ever. “cats” is the fourth longest running Broadway show of all time with a total life span of 18 years. The story was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and tells the story of a tribute of cats called Jellies. The most famous to came from the production is, “memory” “Hamilton” is there anyone who hasn’t heard of Hamilton? This unique story of our founding Fathers is an unlikely hit for Broadway as it includes a combination of rap, R&B, hip hop, soul, And show tunes along with non-white actors portraying the main characters. Tickets are sold out For eternity, providing that a little ingenuity was just what Broadway needed.

    “Aladdin” this hit Broadway musical, brought to the stage by the same producers as the lion king, features all the beloved songs from the Disney film. USA today called it “pure genie-us,” and audiences seem to agree, this currently running show is the twelfth highest-grossing in the history of Broadway. “Marry Poppins” so many musicals are based on books and Disney films. This endearing story Of a nanny who received seven tony nomination, including best musical closed in 2013, but it Lives on as a popular choice for high school productions. “The producers” this musical adaptation of the 1967 film went on to win a record-breaking 12 tony awards. Starring Matthew Broderick and Nathan lane, it opened on Broadway in 2001 And ran for 2502 performances. The whole show is a parody of Broadway producers that features sarcastically humor. “Miss Saigon” this moving love story based on events in the final day of the Vietnam war Is one of the highest grossing musicals ever. In the production, an American soldier named Chris falls in love with a bar girl named Kim in Saigon.

    Chris tried to bargain with the bar’s Owner to earn her freedom. The show premiered in London in 1989 and moved to Broadway In 1991. It’s the thirteenth longest running show in history. All the information that I gave concerning the most popular Broadway at all the time. Broadway music helped young people USA to raise up their talents and discover what is their talent. its affordable and convenience. Since it was started it helped changing people’s life. Some people believe that Broadway is going Extinct, while others think the Broadway drying. There is disagreement among people concerning Broadway music, I would like to assure people that Broadway music is still alive and live? It was started, they teach people history, live music reminds people its nature, dancing and sing in Broadway music are awesome. Watching a group of many singing and dancing in front of you is like nothing else you can’t compare it with something else.

    Broadway music engage many people and by watching them dancing it captive their mind in many ways and help them not to think about outside things which lead them to be stressed, by watching Broadway music you will wonder why it ended so quickly while you still want the show to go on. The major of Broadway music engage many people and by watching them dancing it captive their mind in many ways and help them not to think about outside things which lead them to be stressed, by watching Broadway music you will wonder why it ended so quickly while you still want the show to go on. The major of Broadway musicals engage you in the story without being insensitive. Briefly participating in Broadway music will help you identify the history of many things, which you may not know without participating in it. Learning through Broadway music will engage, entertaining and fun for every attendance. Let me conclude by encouraging Broadway music as it continues to entertain people in different ways.


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