Alpha and Beta Testing and Staged Testing

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How many APS are currently published? NAS. Millions 2. What options are available for improving an APS visibility? NAS. Ratings and Reviews 3. What options are available for monitoring your app? NAS. Instant purchase from device or web, Cloud-connected, Convenient payment options, Choice of billing models, Flexible pricing in the currencies of your customers, Monthly payouts in your local currency, Detailed financial reporting. 4.

What options are available for targeting an audience? NAS. Geographic targeting, Capabilities targeting 5. What guidelines are available to help you develop a test plan for your app? NAS. Alpha and beta testing, staged rolls it’s always valuable to get real- world feedback from users, especially before launch. Google Play makes it easy to distribute pre-release versions of your app to alpha and beta test groups anywhere in the world. You can start with a small group of alpha testers, then move to a larger group of beta testers.

Once users are group of alpha testers, then move to a larger group of beta testers. Unit 9. 2 Assignment Investigate App Inventor 6. How can you enable the app to run when you’re not connected to App Inventor? NAS. To have an app running without being connected to App Inventor, you must “package” the app to produce an application package (APS file). 7. What must you do before you can distribute the app to other users? NAS. To share an app, you first need to obtain an Android Package (. PC) file, which you can do by going to the My Projects page, clicking on the name of the app you want to share (which will take you to the Design page), and selecting Package for Phone I Download to this Computer. You can then email the app to your friends, who can install it by opening the email from their phone, or you can upload it to website that both you and your friend can access. Note that they will need to change the settings of their phone to allow installation of non-Market applications.

Note: The Show Barded option generates a barded that will only work for the app creator because it is tied to his or her Google account. To generate a barded (actually, a CRY code) that anyone can use to download the app, simply upload the . APS file to a public website and copy the URL of the location of the file.

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