A Reflective Review on a Management Project

Table of Content

Part A.

The undertaking was non so disputing for me as one of our group member works at that place. So it was easy for us to inquire permission from Manager of Hospital to make research. XXX Rest Home and Hospital is for aged people, and its about assisting, so it was truly nice to make research at that place. My focal point and observation was to finish the research and supply solutions to the director about its bing jobs. I had good chance to larn new accomplishments. I got opportunity to pass on with different people of different position, faith, values. I got opportunities to make presentation, attend meeting with staffs, making interviews and job resolution and clip direction accomplishments.

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No, my perceptual experience was non changed after completing the research. The research is on Hospital and I have worked in infirmaries as staff, so it was easy for me to cognize the basic things. As it was a good chance to larn new accomplishment like clip direction, job resolution, so it was good work for me. During the whole procedure I was helped by my friends, so it was more effectual.

This research was an chance to larn new things, which I did non cognize before. I was more funny and seeking something new, so I learn how the Hospital tallies, how they do choice direction.

I will seek to do it more effectual. I would wish to avoid excess clip. I would wish to travel more on deepness, to keep good criterion and to do good presentation. I’d like to carry on interviews with more staffs and clients, to cognize more about infirmary. Group was good and effectual.

It was a great experience working in a group. On the first meeting we decided the topographic point of research, had research on web site and one of our group member is working at that place so she portion his cognition and about that Hospital.

Second meeting was to cognize the jobs about that infirmary. We had treatment on that subject. We knew our single duty. One group member was given duty to carry on meetings. Then we wrote down every group determinations and jobs we had during research, which made easy for us composing this assignment. We had good group dynamic, we did non run off from our duties.

We learn from one another, as we had different positions, thoughts and manner of thought. We had support to each other and it gave me assurance. As an exclusion, sometimes clip direction was non good, as all of we are working and sometime it was difficult for us to pull off clip and it was thwarting non to complete work on clip. Even through the troubles, we did our work on clip and group communicating, moral force was first-class.

Part B.

The Problem Solving Process Selected From The Project Process.

First we wrote down the possible jobs that may hold in Hospital. We had treatment on those jobs and we decided to research about those jobs. During the research I use following stairss ;

  1. Identify the job: we focused to place the jobs that are bing in XXX Rest Home and Hospital. We did interview to director, clinical leader to discourse about the bing issues of XXX Rest Home and Hospital. After interview we did treatment and analyzed to happen the jobs.
  2. Analyse the job: during analyzing the job, we gather information from staffs, clients and well-thought-of people besides we had observation. Though the treatment we came to cognize the job of communicating and non holding squad moral force. Staffs had communicating barrier with some clients, and they need to purchase and fix equipments.
  3. Conforming solution: we did research in the jobs ; we had power points from coach to happen the possible solution for the jobs.
  4. Execution of solution: we gave the list of solutions to the director and hope they implement the solutions.

I think working in new ways and with new accomplishment are better manner to understand it in deepness. I prepared list of inquirers for staff and distribute on them. I besides did interview to director to discourse about work outing jobs. I made certain all the informations are applicable for research. I did really good planning and roll up the grounds needed for research.

I was seeking for appropriate solutions. So the questionnaires was non given to all staff, some staffs are in different displacements and the replies were confidential.

If I can make job work outing once more I would wish to enter interview and inquire more inquiries to staffs. I will wish to detect staffs for long clip, how do they act and how do they handle clients.

The determination doing procedure you selected as portion of your undertaking procedure.

Personally I think Autocratic manner is the best strategic in determination devising procedure. This manner doesn’t conveying major jobs. I will utilize direction theories decently and instruments for informations assemblage.

We use Six believing Hat as the tool for determination devising. This tool was used on all aims. This tool was done on staff preparation, manual handling, and staff attending.

The determination doing procedure was effectual for our research. This helped us to look on every facet on item. So the determination doing procedure was sort of easy for us. But some clip it was hard to utilize Six believing Hat, as it is confounding some times.

If I can make once more so I would wish make more reading and addition cognition on the related subjects, to do determinations accurate and effectual. Before make any determinations I would look for the effects it brings.

The research method you selected as portion of your undertaking procedure

For research methods we used interviews, questionnaires, observation. We besides conducted interview with director, occupants, staffs, resident’s household and we gathered information we needed.

Observation was good because we knew how the staff works, their attitude, how they treat clients. We came to cognize about day-to-day modus operandi of XXX Rest Home and Hospital. It was really effectual during the research.

Interview was really good and effectual because it was done face to face. The subjects were discussed with the director and clinical leader. This helped us to cognize their values, leading manner.

Questionnaires were really effectual ; it helped us to cognize occupants view and their household perceptual experience about XXX Rest Home and Hospital. They gave their thought about the services of the Hospital.

We looked to website besides to cognize mission and aim of XXX Rest Home and Hospital.

These methods were really effectual during our research.

We put our great attempt to garner information. We divided the undertaking every bit for all of us. To do research effectual we discuss the confessional subjects. We made certain that we gather effectual informations. We had great team moral force.

We did non utilize statistical analysis. We did our research within the premises of Hospital. We merely wrote down the information.

Yes planned research instruments used:

  • Set the inquiry in organized manner
  • Maintain confidentiality of information
  • Gathered informations in absolute term.

If the undertaking needs to make once more, I would utilize the same methods as it is helpful and appropriate.

The direction of the undertaking procedure

We did non utilize any standard direction theoretical account during the procedure. We used different attacks during the procedure.

We planned the undertaking decently and we did non hold many attacks to cut down troubles.

It was a good squad work, we team members were from different cultural background, it was a good experience working with them. We try to give our best in the research ; we bear the duty so it was non difficult undertaking for us.

If I had to make this undertaking once more, I would better clip direction and do good group moral force.

Application of direction constructs

  • Controling
  • Forming
  • Planing

Controling is really necessary for quality direction. We all controlled the undertakings that were designated or given to us. We made certain that we do non seek to command each other because this was a group undertaking and all the group members believed in each other’s strengths.

Forming is the manner to take the research in a manner. We organized clip for observation, group meetings, and interviews in a systematic manner.

Planning was really utile during the research. We planned the clip tabular array and the undertaking we need to complete.

We used the rule of ethical research, we sent official missive to inquire permission to make research on the infirmary.

Critical reappraisal of the solutions your squad proposed to the managerial job

From the research we provide Numberss of solutions, and they are discussed below:

  • Communication between director, staff and occupants: there should be good communicating between director, staff and occupants. Good communicating helps them to supply quality services and it besides reduces misinterpretation and miss construct.
  • Encourage people to be a voluntary to assist the lovingness service for occupants.

If the infirmary have fiscal job so they can look for voluntary attention givers. This is the best manner to supply individual Centre attention, and they do non necessitate to pay besides. Volunteer makes the work fast.

  • Increase the figure and quality of equipments.

In order to supply quality attention infirmary demands to better the quality of equipments. .

  • Education of clip direction to director and staff.

Regular preparation programmes encourage staffs to supply quality attention. Training can better staffs accomplishments and provides cognition.

These solutions can do installations services much better and speedy. This will pull client in this infirmary. I believe these solutions are effectual to implement and the consequence will better.

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