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Hard Rock

Concert Review

Words: 464 (2 pages)

Throughout musical history, music has changed in order to keep up and try to stay relevant in an ever-changing fast paced world. It has been able to keep pace with society and the social and economical forces that often help to shape and be shaped by music. No form of music is immune from these…

Robert Nesta Marley

Concert Review

Words: 1313 (6 pages)

Bob Marley was one of the most influential artists that I learned about this semester so far. Along with his influence, he was extremely talented. Bob Marley spread his message of positivity and love throughout his music. He was anti-war and anti-violence. Many, if not all, of his songs express those ideas. Bob Marley’s success…

Ludwig Van Beethoven and Joseph Haydn

Concert Review

Words: 1028 (5 pages)

Texture in the music is predominantly polyphonic with frequent imitation between the various lines, soprano and bass lines tend to be the most important. Chords became increasingly important during this time; previously, chords were by-products of the motion of multiple melodic lines, but in the baroque, chords become essential unto themselves. This is the era…

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