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“What evidence is there to support Alfred Wegener’s theory of continental drift?



Words: 1251 (6 pages)

“What evidence is there to support Alfred Wegener’s theory of continental drift?” Alfred Wegener, born November 1st 1880, was a German scientist who took a great interest in meteorology and paleoclimatology and in 1905 graduated from the University of Berlin with a Ph.D. in Astronomy. His most notable work was the theory of continental drift….

John Holland’s Theory of Career Development


Words: 978 (4 pages)

John Holland’s theory John Holland is the most well known career theories among others. Holland’s theory of career development is a significant vocational theory in career development. Holland’s theory emerged from the Factor and Trait Theory. The theory assumes that individual’s personality characteristics and occupational environment should match to lead success. There are six premises…

Evaluation of Bowlby’s Attachment Theory


Words: 820 (4 pages)

Bowlby’s theory of attachment has several studies to support it. A study on imprinting in non-human animals were undertaken by Lorenz (1952) supports Bowlby’s view that imprinting is innate. The study showed that goslings imprinted upon the first moving object they saw, regardless of what it was, backing up the idea that attachment is adaptive…

Social Bond Theory


Words: 2262 (10 pages)

Social Bond Theory Kevin Pascual Sociology 100 10/25/12 Social Bond Theory In 1969, a man named Travis Hirschi wrote and proposed something called the Social Control Theory. This theory can be applied in numerous kinds of ways when trying to address and solved social problems dealing with adolescents delinquent behavior. Before we can try to…

Organization Theory


Words: 2437 (10 pages)

Organization theory is about ideas and principles that flow within an association on how work can be done by investigating through different perspective. It is important to study organization as improvements can be carried out to make sure organizations are performing efficiently through developing the organizations structure and mission statement. (Developing an enabling organisational culture,…

Vygotsky’s Theory and Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences


Theory of multiple intelligences

Words: 1092 (5 pages)

Vygotsky’s Theory and Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences The concept of learning is governed by various learning theories that serve as the guidelines and protocols utilized in optimizing teaching and learning procedures. Learning and teaching processes are usually guided by vast numbers of theories that explains the rationale and suggests ways in order to maximize the quality…

Economic inequality theory

Economic Inequality


Words: 1931 (8 pages)

As demonstrated by numerous studies, the position within the class or stratification system is still clearly correlated with living standards, life chances as well as value orientations and attitudes. (From Changing Inequality Structures) Inequality as a social or economic disparity From very far away in human history, there are two social classes: rich and poor,…

Theory of Knowledge: Emotion and Reason



Words: 1223 (5 pages)

In order for an individual to make a decision a process of reason must take place. While emotion is not quite needed, it involuntarily plays a part, sometimes without the individual even realizing it. This is where bias decisions can take place, which in some cases can be a problem. However, emotion can play an…

Social disengagement and activity theory



Words: 903 (4 pages)

Theories of aging In this essay I am going to explain two theories of ageing such as social disengagement and activity theory. I will also discuss these theories in relation to my chosen individual, Kurt Cobain, and how they have affected their development or would have in the future. I will discuss how social disengagement…

The Crucible by Arthur Miller Theories

Arthur Miller

Words: 1184 (5 pages)

And Salem Witch TrialsIn The Crucible by Arthur Miller, the madness of the Salem WitchTrials is explored in great detail. There are many theories as to why the witchtrials came about, the most popular of which the girls’ suppressed childhood. However, there were other factors as well, such as Abigail Williams’ affair withJohn Proctor, the…

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What is theory and why is it important?
Theories are influenced directly by cultural values and belief systems of their times. Theories are vital: They guide and give meaning to what we see. When a researcher investigates and collects information through observation, the investigator needs a clear idea of what information is important to collect.
How do you write a theory essay?
Jot down the goals of your theory paper clearly and succinctly. Review the literature. Write a hypothesis or an assumption from the research notes. Write out in detail how you plan to test the theory. Compile and organize the findings. Write your theory, in a few sentences, based on your findings.
What is theory in an essay?
A theory is a system of ideas that tries to explain something. It is generally based on general principles independent of the phenomenon (thing) being explained.

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