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I believe the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences at Duke is an first-class lucifer for me. I believe college should non be simply a gateway to the work force ; it should educate the pupil in a assortment of topics and fix him or her for the scope of challenges and chances that lie in front in life. I have ever been a funny individual and bask reading all sorts of literature and nonfiction. In high school I excelled in history. English. AP psychological science. and other broad humanistic disciplines topics. I have non yet decided on a major. but when I do. it will about surely be in the broad humanistic disciplines. such as history or political scientific discipline. I know that Trinity College is really strong in these countries. But irrespective of my major. I want to have a wide instruction that spans a assortment of countries in the broad humanistic disciplines. so that I will graduate as non merely a feasible occupation chance. but besides as a all-around and erudite grownup who can do diverse and valuable parts to my community.

I believe Duke’s Trinity College will assist me turn and becomeBut think about what the prompt is really inquiring: “discuss why you consider Duke a good lucifer for you. Is at that place something in peculiar at Duke that attracts you? ” The assignment here is non to depict why you want to travel to college. The admittances office is inquiring you to explicate why you want to travel to Duke. A good response. so. must discourse specific facets of Duke that entreaty to the applier. The sample essay fails to make so. Think about what the pupil says about Duke: the school will “educate the pupil in a assortment of subjects” and show a “range of challenges and chances. ” The applier wants a “broad instruction that spans a assortment of countries. ” The pupil wants to be “well-rounded” and to “grow. ” These are all worthwhile ends. but they don’t say anything that is alone to Duke. Any comprehensive university offers a assortment of topics and helps pupils to turn.

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