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The first twenty-four hours of category for a college pupil are like pulling cards in a fire hook game. Merely as the cards that one receives determines their result in fire hook, the types of professors a pupil gets on the first twenty-four hours will find the success of their twelvemonth. The difference between a helpful and a harmful professor can easy consequence in a much lower class. College professors have a broad scope of personalities and backgrounds. However, professors fall into one of 3 classes: helpful, malicious, or uncaring.

One type of professor in the college system is the helpful professor. This professor can be recognized right off by their smiling and joyousness in the schoolroom. These professors give wellbeing and interesting talks, and are ever looking for the categories, input to do certain they comprehend. These professors are ever willing to chew the fat with a pupil. Be it after category or in office hours, the helpful professor will ever take clip out to speak to the pupil about the given topic, college affairs, or even jobs of life that do non even have a bearing on the topic. Trials in the helpful professor’s category are ne’er hard if one knows the topic affair. The professor understands how nerve-racking testing can be and is merel interested in seeing whether or non the pupil grasped the facts presented to them. Good pupils receive good classes in the helpful professor’s category.

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Those professors appreciate difficult work and punctually honor it. The best sort of instructor to acquire that first twenty-four hours are the helpful professor. The 2nd type of professor one can acquire is the malicious professor. This professor has a rancid attitude toward life in general; therefore they want the pupils to be suffering every bit good. Their talks are ne’er to the point and normally roll off to do some negative point about life. They encourage pupils to inquire inquiries, but merely so that they can do the individual with the inquiry feel incompetent for inquiring it.

They are willing to speak with a pupil after category, but unlike the helpful professor, the malicious professor is merely at that place to criticize. They will stress the pupil’s mistakes, but ne’er indicate out their strengths, therefore, take down the self-pride of the pupil. The trials given by the malicious professor are obscure, full of hocus-pocus, and composed of the hardest stuff. These trials are non designed to study the pupil? s cognition of the topic, but instead to trip them up and do they neglect. If one plants truly difficult, it is possible to gain a good class in this type of professor’s category, but in general the classes will be every bit low as the malicious professor can do them. The 3rd type of professor is the uncaring professor.

This type of teacher has lost involvement in learning ; hence, they do non set any attempt into it. This professor can be recognized by their humdrum tone of voice and deficiency of involvement of the topic. Their talks merely cover the rudiments of the stuff. They make no attempt to appeal to the pupils involvements; accordingly, most pupils can barely pay attending. This type of teacher is loath to give out office hours and can barely of all time be found at that place. They want to avoid all pupil contact because they are non interested in how the pupil is making. Uncaring professors are unpredictable. They normally give the same trials twelvemonth after twelvemonth so that they do non hold to make up a new  one.

Since the professor does non ever cover the same stuff, the content of the trial is unpredictable. The type of class one will acquire in this category is unpredictable. The instructor does non care plenty personally measure each pupil; so many pupils do non acquire the class that they really deserve. The personality of the professor of a class makes up every bit much of its content as does the capable affair. The right sort of professor can do a hard topic easier and more gratifying while other professors can destroy a gratifying one.

Students agree that many times it is the professor, non the topic, which makes a class easy or hard. Therefore, it is of import when taking a class to happen out what type of instructor is teaching the category: helpful, malicious, or uncaring.

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