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The video discusses the challenges that students face in college today, such as non-personalized classes, expensive tuition, and outdated teaching methods. The speaker emphasizes the importance of incorporating technology into education, as students often learn more from the internet than from their teachers and textbooks. Students are encouraged to take the initiative and use educational sites, conduct research, and take mixed-mode classes to enhance their learning experience. The speaker also suggests that teachers should learn about the benefits of using technology in the classroom and implement it in their lectures. The university should also play a role in training teachers and offering more mixed-mode classes. Ultimately, the speaker believes that incorporating technology in education can lead to more motivated and engaged students.

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The overall point of the video is to emphasize most of the important facts and characteristics of students today. Nowadays college seems to be very difficult and tedious for the majority of the students, especially if some teachers are still stuck on the 19th century. We have to deal with enormous; nonpersonalized classes, very expensive tuition, a big load of books; which some of them we don’t really need and won’t be reading at all, extreme time management, teachers not incorporating technology to their classes and lectures, and so on.

One of the most relevant problems to me, is the fact that we only read a couple of books a year, but navigate the internet every single day, for several hours, and we end up learning more from our computers than from our actual teachers and books . Students should take the initiative to solve this problem. College goes by so fast that we do not have the time to wait for the teachers to react.

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We can incorporate educational sites to our daily navigation, we can do research about specific topics, we can take mixed- mode classes; in which we combine the traditional white-board with advanced, interesting software, we can also go to the computer labs and ask for extra tutoring, and last but not least, we could always talk to our teachers and let them know how we love to learn new things every day, but we need something new, something more dynamic and interesting like technology. And who knows?

If the students take the initiative, maybe that could encourage the teachers to incorporate the internet into their daily lectures. First of all, teachers have to learn the benefits from using the internet, once they realize how many improvements it can bring to their classes, they are going to start applying them. A good and simple kind of way to start is using the class software that most of the time comes FREE with the required book. Blogs are an excellent idea when it comes to discussion sessions; it helps us express our thoughts in a better way without any pressure.

Instead of making Power Point slides with the summary of the chapter or unit, teachers could show us a video, something concise but powerful enough to captivate us. Using the internet also helps students relate some topics to their personal life. Interacting and sharing information with people from all over the world is something that we don’t easily forget, especially because we feel like it’s a more personalized form of education, which we can apply to our daily life.

I’m not a teacher, but I’m pretty sure that it would cause me great satisfaction to see my students more motivated and encouraged to learn by incorporating technology in my classes. The University also plays an important role in this subject. In order for them to solve the problem they should implement more mixed-mode classes, replace some class materials with software such as digital books, but most important train their teachers to master this new way of education. We all live in a globalized world with an innumerable number of benefits; why not give the internet a try? There is much we could gain and nothing we could lose!

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