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A Woman’s Place Is in the Home Sample

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We are now populating in the twenty-first century. the thought of whether or non a adult female should work is really different from the traditional civilization. It is a really common scene for adult females to travel to work in Hong Kong now. To a larger extend. I believe a woman’s topographic point is non merely in the place.

Traditional thought said that adult females should remain at place. clean up up the house. take attention of the kids and cook for the household.

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A Woman’s Place Is in the Home Sample
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This is a woman’s duty. Peoples judge that merely those homemakers are good adult females or good female parents since they do many things to maintain the place warm. However. have people of all time thought from the women’s side? Do adult females truly want to remain at place? Do you cognize how deadening it is to remain at place for the whole twenty-four hours?

Unlike earlier. people consider merely male should travel to school and female should remain at place to pull off the family.

Nowadays. everyone including female have the same opportunities to analyze as male. Womans and work forces can hold the same makings and academic background. Besides. since work forces and adult females now have the equal right in the society. adult females don’t have to depend on work forces all the clip as they can gain their ain life by traveling to work. Isn’t it justified for adult females to travel to work?

In Hong Kong. a legion figure of work forces get a occupation in order to gain the money for the family’s life. Thus. adult females go to work as they hope to assist their hubbies in sharing the duty of back uping the households. I am certain their hubbies will appreciate this. Besides. since both parents are working. so they may be able to supply a better living criterion for their kids. They may hold more money to allow their kids to turn up healthily and merrily. Besides. the households can even travel to trip during vacations.

Some adult females work for their dreams alternatively of for money. may be they want to be a physician. attorney. interior decorator or creative person since their childhood. So why should they give up their dreams because of the traditional thought that adult females have to remain at place? They have the right to take what sort of life they want.

Womans besides have many endowments in many ways. This attempt and part to the society is every bit of import as male. such as nurses. instructors. comptrollers and etc. Sometimes adult females can even work better than work forces. So adult females should work after they have finished school and non to blow their ability to gain money or part to the society.

There are tonss of successful working adult females in Hong Kong. For case. Rita Fan Hsu Lai Tai. she was the president of the Legislative Council. Few old ages ago. she gave her kidney to her girl in order to salvage her daughter’s life. This show a working adult female can besides be a fantastic female parent. In add-on. Mrs. Chan Fang On Sang. one of those successful adult females in Hong Kong. was the first adult female and the first Chinese to keep the second-highest governmental place in Hong Kong. Besides. Kung Yu Sum. she was the richest lady in Asia and her name is on the Forbes. She successfully developed her husband’s concern and earned so many assets.

Peoples may reason that working adult females can non pass adequate clip with their kids. but it is non a rare scene that most households hire a amah to assist them take attention of their kids and clean up up the house nowadays. Hence. adult females do non hold to remain at place all the clip to look after the kids and pull off the family. Womans can travel to work without worrying about their kids. If adult females have a good clip direction. they can do a balance between work and household clip.

Furthermore. those on the job adult females are normally extremely educated. They may hold better abilities to learn their kids about their children’s school plants and surveies than those homemakers. Those working adult females may hold a broader position towards life and more experient in managing all sorts of problems or jobs.

Sum uping the above. no 1 can deny that nowadays adult females are good educated and have equal right as work forces in the society. We shouldn’t discriminate adult females that they should non work. This is non just to them. Besides. since it is easy to happen a amah in Hong Kong. it is sensible for adult females to travel to work without the load of taking attention of the households. Furthermore. the most of import is that adult females have the right to take what sort of life they want and they should non blow their endowments. Hence. Women’s topographic point is non merely in the place.

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