Explication of Alice Walkers “a woman is not a potted plant” Sample

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Walker writes this verse form utilizing a potted works as metaphor depicting a woman’s function in the twentieth century. The talker in Walker’s verse form describes the great depression of adult females during this point in clip. by blossoming the difference between a potted works and a adult female. The twentieth century was a clip in which adult females were expected to make as her adult male said. non as he did. After World Wars I and II the expected functions of work forces and adult female began to alter ; adult females began to wake up.

Womans started detecting their rights and places. with their new economic power. Is a adult female a potted works? No. she is a human being merely as a adult male. In “a adult female is non a potted plant” the talker claims women’s worth. She uses the metaphor of a potted works to state that her sex. her race. her state or her adult male does non adhere a adult female. Walker writes. “A adult female is non / a potted works / her foliages trimmed / to the contours of her sex” ( ll. 6-10 ) . The talker is stating that like a potted works. a adult female is confined by her sex. due to the fact that a adult female can’t alteration her God given sexual variety meats. merely as a works can’t alteration its manner of life. However. a adult female is non confined mentally. emotionally. socially or spiritually. She is no different than adult male in that sense.

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The talker means that a adult female is arising against her race in the traditional societal construction through words like” espaliered / against the fencings / of her race” ( ll. 14-16 ) . Walker writes “against the fencings / of her race /her state / her man” ( ll. 15-19 ) . What the talker is showing is the restrictions that have been set and expected for adult female to populate up to. non merely by adult male and the state but besides by her ain sex and her main female influence. “her mother” ( l. 18 ) . In the phrase “her trained blossom / turning / this manner / & A ; that /to follow / the Sun. ” We think of a flower sitting in a windowsill. sun reflecting bright ; wherever the Sun travels. the works will follow with no self-denial. no will power and no intelligence ( ll. 20-25 ) . Is a adult female nil more than an object? A adult female has emotions. a demand of alteration. freedom. spiritualty. and a encephalon. A works is confined to a round ceramic dish. no emotions. merely needs dirt and H2O to last. must remain where it is placed and has no encephalon.

At the terminal. Walker writes that a adult female is non. “nor even honeysuckle / or bee” ( ll. 39-40 ) . What the talker is stating is that a adult female can be sweet as a honeysuckle or every bit unpleasant as a bee. When we have been upset. injury. or even defeated we may respond in a defensive mode like a bee. When we are in good liquors. joyful. or enthusiastic we may be moving sweet like a honeysuckle. There is no difference between work forces or adult females ; we are both emotional existences and our actions may depend on what is go oning around us.

Womans are more than merely potted workss. A Woman should be able to travel out in the society and work a on a occupation and non be judged by her sex or race. A adult female should be able to gain the same sum of wage as a adult male and non be treated as an foreigner. What makes adult females so different than work forces when we eat the same nutrients. imbibe the same H2O. shout the same cryings and shed blood the same blood? In order for the traditional function between adult male. state and female parent versus adult female to germinate. a alteration in society must happen. Walker says ” a adult female / is wilderness / boundless. ” and this line of poesy shows a woman’s freedom of ego. independency. individualism and equality to adult male. female parent. state and sex ( ll. 29-31 ) .

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