Justification for the Abandonment and Solitude of Beowulf

Beowulf is the authoritative narrative of a mighty and epic Geat leader who comes to an unpleasant and apparently early terminal. Throughout his life, Beowulf had been an first-class leader and had led his ground forces to many triumphs over many enemies, of his land and of many others every bit good. At his extremum, Beowulf was the mightiest warrior on all the Earth:  There was no 1 else like him alive. In his twenty-four hours, he was the mightiest adult male on Earth, high-born and powerful.  ( 297-298 ) .

Finally, Beowulf would come to be ruler over many people. During this clip he would get the better of many enemies, two of which being Grendel and his female parent. After their licking, Beowulf and his people experienced a clip of peace and prosperity which was enjoyed by all. He remained undefeated until the acrimonious terminal when he was defeated by the firedrake in the submerged hell-like grave. Beowulf’s decease marked the terminal of non merely his reign, but besides of the safety know by his people, and besides the terminal of his land.

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The grounds for his forsaking of his people and his insisting to contend entirely are non clear, although many hold theories as to why the great warrior chose the destiny he did. The first subject at manus is why Beowulf chose to contend by himself, particularly in the instance of the firedrake. Beowulf was a really valorous warrior who fought his greatest conflicts entirely, or at least single-handedly.

First of all, his conflict against Grendel was brightly maneuvered in that he awakened from a complete sleep to murder the mighty Grendel and mangle his organic structure.  Second, Beowulf battled against Grendel’s female parent ( who was overly disturbed about the decease of her darling boy ) and won a exultant conflict. In both conflicts, Beowulf won by his ain agencies and was really winning in each juncture.

The inquiry could be raised as to why he chose to contend entirely every bit opposed to holding many skilled warriors to assist him in his predicament to get the better of the immorality in the universe. One possible theory is that it is much more valorous to be the master of a conflict which you yourself have fought and won. This manner, there is merely one individual who is capable of having recognition for the conflict which could assist in subsequently times as to the rightness of the narrative.

Possibly Beowulf did non wish for people to inquire as to who the true hero was, so he merely resolved the issue by contending entirely. Besides, if a conflict is fought and won by a individual individual, they are automatically more canonized than if a whole ground forces was to hold won. This may be because it is merely easier to keep records of one individual as opposed to a whole ground forces or group of people.

The victor in this instance is able to have all the glorification which is due them and non hold to worry about person horning in on their minute of well-earned celebrity. By being more glorious and non holding to portion their celebrity, a leader’s place of authorization ( whatever it may be ) is less likely to be challenged than if many people were involved in the triumph. In this instance, the leader receives a little more Cushing in their place, which is by and large a really positive thing for any swayer to see.

After all, no on e would wish to be overthrown because of their failing and inability to execute under force per unit area in a conflict. Now the inquiry as to why Beowulf abandoned his people is at manus. He most likely did non make this on intent and had no purpose to destruct his land which he had worked so hard to make. A possible theory as to why this happened could be that he merely did non believe about the nothingness he would go forth if he was to go forth his throne for some ground.

One point that must be observed here is that Beowulf had to blood relations which could win him on the throne, so he would of had to manus picked one of his topics to follow after him, and merely hope that his pick of leading would non be undermined by those who wished to be swayers but in world were non capable of a leading place which involved so much duty and unity. Of class, there is besides the possibility that Beowulf was cognizant that if he died his land would crumple, so he did the valorous thing and ended the land at the same clip its male monarch ended. This manner, the land would hold a instead subtle terminal alternatively of a violent one in which many people fought over the rights to the land. This besides prevented corruptness of the land and the throne by the rulership of a bad or unfair male monarch.

There remains merely one inquiry now, which is Beowulf’s concluding for contending the firedrake entirely. Surely he was cognizant of the dangers involved with contending a fierce animal that late in his life, particularly when one considers that Beowulf was non merely aging, but besides that he was contending on uncommon land and all the odds were against him.

Possibly he did this because he wanted to turn out to his people that he was still a mighty and epic leader, even though it put him in a compromising state of affairs. If he did non travel to conflict, so he would be viewed as a weakening and a fallen male monarch by his people, but so once more, if he did fight, but lost he would non be any better off than if he were to non contend at all.

The most he could hope for would either be triumph or decease if he chose to contend. And, withe being the heroic warrior he was, and with desiring to protect his people from injury, he decided to contend against the firedrake in his submerged hell-like den. Possibly Beowulf wished to be excess winning in his waning old ages by licking the great firedrake entirely, or he may hold realized that a good manner to populate on ( in spirit ) among his people would be to go out the universe in a heroic conflict. Regardless of triumph of licking, Beowulf would be honored for being a winning and heroic warrior and a good leader for his people.

In a manner, Beowulf ended his reign at a extremum, even though he had already experienced many high points along the manner. One can speculate all they would wish, but the lone individual to truly cognize the motivations of Beowulf is Beowulf, and since there is no manner of genuinely happening out, the lone thing left to make is to think the best we can and hope that possible person someplace will make a credible theory which all people can believe and stop the wondering. Until so, all are free to inquire and speculate and effort to do sense of all the admiration and complexnesss of the allusive Beowulf.

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