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To examine the way information technology is being used to influence the competitive strategy of organizations and to assess the impact of strategic deployment of information technology. Course Description: This course studies the use of information technology to develop distinct competitive advantage in relations with competitors, customers, and suppliers, and with respect to products and services.

It examines these central issues: Design of information systems offering strategic advantages Competitive potential for strategic use of information systems Special issues related to enter and intra-organization information systems Development of financial and audit structures for strategic use of information systems Impact of information technology on the global business community Course participants examine strategies of actual companies and identify other strategies that can be deployed to gain competitive advantage in diverse settings.

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The following book will support the anchoring theme: IT Strategy: Issues and Practices by James D. Mencken & Heather A. Smith, 2nd edition of 2012. The book’s Mini-cases will be presented by each student during class and will also be part of this course exams. Also, the class will explore the strategic impact of IT on a select group of industries, based on the interests of those attending the class. We will spend time on industries such as: retailing, health-care, manufacturing, government, and banking.

Course Methodology: Your learning will be facilitated through a combination of limited lectures, class discussions, and individual presentations with an emphasis on your participation and interaction. You are expected to complete the assigned daily readings prior to each class meeting. In addition to the text chapters and other readings, you are encouraged to read current issues of the business press. Your individual contributions, questions, and insights become critical to your own learning and that of your classmates.

An effective class session can occur only if you, your classmates and the instructor are actively involved in the learning process. We will cover approximately lord 2 chapters each week. Only two exams will be given. If you skip/miss an exam you will not be able to make it up without a previously arranged excused absence. Individual presentations based on the Mencken/Smith Minicab’s will be assigned to enable the student to reinforce those topics from the text. Attendance Policy.

Due to the nature of this class, attendance is required for all. Unexcused absences or early departures from class will result in a major reduction in your in-class participation and final grades.. Academic Integrity Policy: You have the obligation as a GUS student to exhibit honesty and to respect the ethical standards of the university. GUS, as part of the academic community, expects students to recognize and uphold standards of intellectual and academic integrity.

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