Abortion in the U.S.: Pro-Life Perspective

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Every year many women become pregnant and can not take care of the child. Though many of these women think it out and decide to keep the child some take the drastic step and have an abortion performed. An abortion is the removing of a fetus from a mother’s body. There are multiple processes to perform an abortion while some are considered ethical others are illegal. Annually 655,639 children’s lives are taken often for a woman’s convenience. It is claimed pregnancy clinics unfairly try to convince women to keep the child but that is what the clinics are there to do. Women are blessed with the ability to have children and should never take that for granted. There are couples that can not have children that would love to adopt but when the child is unfairly killed that takes the opportunity of life from that person as well as the opportunity of a couple to have a completed family. How can some babies lives be more important than others many ask. Though it is horrible that a woman can be raped and become pregnant it is not fair to take that child’s life because it was not planned. A woman may feel emotionally damaged by the impact of the rape considering this the decision should not be left to the woman being the decision is the taking of another human’s life when the woman feels that her life has already been ripped away. Though many women want the right to control one’s own body there is a line where the woman is also taking another human’s life. Abortions should become illegal in all states.

Life begins at conception. As soon as the child is conceived there is already a human. Though the child is not born yet, that gives no less meaning to that fetus’s life than the person sitting next to you. This means that the woman is allowed to choose to take her child’s life and that is fine but if a stranger or anyone else for that matter was to cause harm to them or even kill them they would be charged double for everything. Selwyn Duke, author of Mommy Don’t Kill Me, remarks “ Just consider how someone who kills a pregnant woman can be charged with double homicide”(12). Why is it that an unborn child is allowed to be murdered with no way of defense? The child could have grown up to be so much and because of the choice to take it out of this earth we will never know the child’s potential. Most states have limits on abortions while other do not. In some states abortions are legal before or up to 25 weeks, With help dedicated doctors and nurses a child is extremely likely to live a 25 weeks. That is most definitely murder and there is no way to avoid that. Randy Alcorn states “the only ways pro-choice logic can prevail is if people believe the unborn are less than fully human”(26). Of the 50 states only 33 have laws protecting fetuses after a certain week of development. If a woman is okay with having an abortion then the woman should also be okay with giving the child up for adoption instead. Taking a child’s life instead of allowing someone else to love it who is not able to have children is extremely selfish. Many people question the scenario where a woman is raped and becomes pregnant. This does not happen very often.

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In the book Why Pro-Life Randy Alcorn argues “ We have a dear friend who was raped and became pregnant. Because of her circumstances it wasn’t best for her to raise the child. She released the baby for adoption into a christian family… It hasn’t been easy, and her pain had been great- yet her overwhelming comfort is in knowing her child lives and is loved”(79). Though stated once before it is still extremely important to know that a child helped conceived by a man that is not considered a “good person” is no less important than a child born by a rich business man. No person should have so much hate and resentment in their heart to give one the ability to even remotely think about having an abortion. It is a known fact that the world today is not perfect in any way, shape, or form but there is no right to kill living human beings.

The effect of an abortion can have harmful impact on the woman involved. A female who has had an abortion performed is vulnerable to depression. Many women who leave the clinic question their choices causing them to question their lives. Suicide rate is much higher after an abortion than after a child is born so much so that the amount is almost six times more likely to commit suicide than any other mother or soon to be mother. As the older the fetus gets the more of a chance to have a complication during surgery. Some of the health risks that come along with an abortion is infection of the womb, parts of the unborn child remain in the womb, excessive bleeding, and also damage to the womb. In the passage “Fake Clinics– or Fake Feminism” Maria Maffucci confirms that “On October 21, a woman was removed from Hartford GYN by ambulance… A registered nurse, Madeline, called to request an ambulance for a patient with excessive bleeding. When asked if the patient was conscious, Madeline replied, “She is sedated, under procedure”. Some of these condition can affect a woman’s chance of becoming pregnant in the future. It’s not often but women can and do die from abortions. Women are putting their own health and overall well being at risks only to take another human’s life. When an abortion is performed there runs a risk of it actually failing which can potentially cause harm to mother and child.

Roe v. Wade was an extremely influential case on the topic of abortion even today. On January 22, 1973 the court ruled that in Roe v. Wade abortions were a woman’s choice. The case is extremely controversial but not many know that Norma McCorvey lied about being raped to help McCorvey’s odds of getting an abortion. It took many years but McCorvey finally came out with the truth about the case. If you must lie to protect yourself or even to get what you wants then one knows it’s not right. This is something that everyone was taught from a young age yet it has such a huge impact on abortions today. McCorvey now is against abortion. The fact that she regrets her choice of wanting an abortion shows people that can and will regret it In the book Should Abortion Rights be Restricted? Aurlanna Ojeda declared “ Because the statue does not regulate abortion, cases such as Roe v Wade (1973) and planned parenthood of S.E. Pennsylvania v. Casey (1993) are innoposite. Nevertheless, these cases highlight the fact birth, and not abortion, is being regulated”(27). In the time of such vulnerability a woman should not have to make that decision. All humans make mistakes when put under pressure. A study shows that 90 percent of women regret having an abortion. Instead of having an abortion Norma put the child up for adoption which made for both a happier baby and mother in the long run.

There are two types of clinics one known as an abortion clinic and the other known as a pregnancy clinic. Maria Mafucci identifies that “pregnancy centers in the U.S today range from non-medical clinics that provide pregnancy tests and counseling”. Some say pregnancy clinics try to look like abortion clinics to draw people in and convince women to keep their children. Studies show that a couple or a woman alone lean towards keeping the child or being a candidate to have the child if they see an ultrasound first which pregnancy clinics offer. Pregnancy clinics offer this to try to persuade and have the parents or parent come to the realization of what is being is being questioned and put at risk which is a human life. These same pregnancy clinics that are such a nuisance also offer to help women after the child is born, providing support financially and mentally. In the passage “Fake Clinics– or Fake Feminism” Maria Maffucci notes that “while of course no one can vouch for every pregnancy center in the U.S., it is clear that the majority of them offer a tremendous amount of help to women who choose to continue their pregnancies”. A woman should never be too proud to accept help from a clinic that she decides to abort the child instead of keeping it and receiving some kind of assistance.

In the passage “Fake Clinics– or Fake Feminism” Maria notes that “there are, in other words, thousands of privately funded pregnancy centers offering free services, goods, and support to women and their families. Just as well as pregnancy clinics there are abortion clinics too. These clinics do provide support to women dealing with abortion. These clinics always claim to be supportive and have best interest for the mother in mind but if this was so then wouldn’t they be running a legal clinic. Kermit Gosnell a former physician ran an illegal unlicensed abortion clinic where Gosnell and an untrained crew of nurses and anesthesiologist performed abortions on late term women. The further along the mother was the more expensive the procedure. The doctor would have a “nurse” put the woman under then remove the child often causing damage to the woman’s cervix and when the child was born crying he would cut the child’s spinal cord with a pair of scissors and either freeze the child or cut it up and preserve parts of it such as hands or feet. Gosnell has been convicted of murder at this illegal abortion clinics. These children that were murdered did not even have names, they were considered as baby A, B, C and so on. People can not say the reason for this was because it happened in 2011.

Life begins at conception. Anything to take that life is considered murder. The effect of an abortion can have harmful impact on the woman involved. The impact can be both mentally and physically. Roe v. Wade was an extremely influential case on the topic of abortion even today. This case shows that even after an abortion women regret it and are happier seeing their child in adoptive care. There are two types of clinics one known as an abortion clinic and the other known as a pregnancy clinic. Pregnancy clinics promote women keeping their child and supporting them during and after pregnancy. Upon researching these topic I conclude that abortions are morally wrong and should be stopped. Abortions should become illegal in all states.

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