About Developing My Interest In Mental Health And Psychology

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From an early age my life has subconsciously revolved around psychology. As a boy my mother was a social worker, and on off days I would join her in the office as her sidekick for the day. From nine to five I sat next to her, as I simultaneously grasped the content of the sessions she was having with her clients. I noticed the wide variety in age, gender, and race. Soon, questions about human nature and the decision making process arose, and from there my curiosity and passion for psychology began.

Growing up in a lower income area in Chicago gave me an insight to how minorities viewed mental health. Which, from what I noticed, was often neglected or dismissed entirely. I noticed this more once I got into high-school. I attended Mt. Carmel, an all boy Roman Catholic high-school that prioritized sports over academics and as a result a hypermasculinity environment. Along with hypermasculinity, the prejudistic expectance of minorities to participate in a sport was apparent as well. Realizing how this took a toll on my peers mental health inspired me to dedicate my life’s work to psychology.

From a societal perspective, mental health used to be disregarded. It was often looked down on to visit a therapist, whereas they were seen as denotative such as visiting shrinks. As generations went by, a shift in societies mentality took place. It was more accepting to talk to psychologist and therapist, but still they were often only available to white families because of incomes and stigmas associated with black people and doctors. In todays society, people are becoming more aware of the effect that mental health has in our everyday lives and task. They are also looking for answers and leaders in the field, and I intend on providing both of those.

McNair offers opportunities that I can use past college, it gives me to chance to learn life lessons as well as further my educational experience. Along with that, the program believes in increasing post-baccalaureate success rates among the minority community which directly implements my career because I intend on diversifying the psychology field. Although I am still expanding my knowledge within psychology, my research will be based on the involvement of minorities in a progressive society.

From sitting in and hearing about mental health related issues to living through my own hardships I was able to develop an interest in mental health. These opportunities have allowed me to delve into a deeper understanding of psychology. As a minority, I have witnessed the dismissal of mental illness within the black community and I feel that it is finally time that someone who understands offers leadership within the field. And the McNair program can give me the head start that I need to become successful. While utilizing the program I hope to raise awareness by using my experiences and education to focus my practice on bettering this complex quagmire.

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