About My Undergraduate Engagement In Psychology At Hunter College

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After one year’s work experience as a teacher assistant for the New York City Board of Education, I decided to pursue my undergraduate studies in Psychology at Hunter College. It was clear to me that to be able to help my students in my best capacity I needed to expand my education. By the beginning of my junior year, and at the same time working with children with special needs as a Behavioral Support Paraprofessional, my interests became more focused, I became passionate about the school counseling career and realized that it was the right path for me. I grew an interest in children’s development and became more engaged in the students’ behavioral intervention plan goals, and how could I help my students to accomplish those them.

I have loved every minute of my work: especially the opportunity to participate in projects and discuss ideas with other educators and other school staff members. I realized that, although I enjoy to assist classroom teachers and get to see my students’ growth first handed, I wont to be satisfied with carrying out the mandated requirements of my students under the direction of others. I want to be part of the team that creates and directs students’ behavioral interventions. My coworkers have encouraged my ambition and feel that I have the potential and qualities for graduate studies.

Working as a Behavioral Support Paraprofessional, I have faced very particular students. The first student I worked with was a nine-year-old girl with autism who did not speak English, the challenges of my role that first year were plenty, instead of pulling me away from my job, they direct me to a profession which I serve with pride and is based on love to help others. My student not only was affected by autism, but she was unable to understand her teacher and vice-versa. I worked closely with the classroom teacher, her counselor, and therapists to make sure her needs were met. Serving others in need, especially those who besides having a medical condition also are affected by unfortunate events always gave me great satisfaction.

At the undergraduate level, although my major was Clinical Psychology, I chose courses such as, Foundation of Education, Community Health, Abnormal Psychology, and Human Development to obtain a better understanding of the school counseling career, which I want to pursue as my graduate study. In selecting Hunter College, I have been influenced by the way your school counseling program addresses how all people are capable of growth. I am mainly looking forward to courses, such as Counseling Skills and Interviewing Techniques, and Family Systems and Counseling Issues. I have been corresponding with Arlene Fernandez a former student, from whom I have learned about the collaborative environment at the School of Education where I will interact with talented students, teachers, and industry professionals. I believe that I will be able to contribute to and learn from the academically challenging environment at Hunter College.

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