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Dogs vs Cats Essay

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  • Pages 2
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    The ultimate pet showdown, to end all arguments on why dogs are superior to cats. Dogs are a more protective species who will defend their owner, while cats will run off and hide. They also provide additional health benefits to keep their owner more physically active. Dogs are just over all good companions who surprisingly understand human emotions and try to help however they can. Therefore, owning a dog is much more beneficial from a health perspective then a cat, along with being a good companion who protects you.

    Dogs protect their owner and territory by instinct, while cats look for the nearest box to jump into when faced with danger. Hence why the expression is watchdog not watch cat. Plus, a dog’s bark alone can scare off an intruder, while a cat’s meow just doesn’t quite put the sense of fear in a person. Although the dog alone does not have to feel threatened, they can sense their owner fear and respond if they think their human is in trouble(Stregowski).

    As for health benefits, dogs need a lot of exercise, just like their owners. This forces owners to be more active and play with dogs or take them on walks. As a result people with who own dogs tend to have lower cholesterol and less likely to suffer from high blood pressure(Debbie ). Now as for cat owners, I personally never seen a cat on a leash, so not much exercise happening there.

    Dogs are also known to be pretty good companions. I have never heard anyone call a cat a man’s best friend before. Seriously, who’s seen a cat spin in circles twelve times because they are happy to see their owner who left the room for five seconds. Not only do dogs express emotions themselves, they also understand when their human is having a rough day and need some extra puppy love. Though “researchers have shown that dogs actually have the cognitive ability to recognize and understand emotions in humans”(Bauhaus).

    In conclusion, when debating which is the dominate species, there is no question that dogs are a man’s best friend, while cats wish you were dead. Dogs also serve as watchdogs who protect their owner and their home, instead of attacking the owner for looking at them wrong. They also offer numerous health benefits, both mentally and physically for their human. Finally, dogs are overall good companions who are always excited to see their owners. Even though dogs may constantly bring you their toys to play fetch, it is better than a cat leaving you a dead mouse as a surprise.

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