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Type of Technology

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Type of TechnologyAt first it was just an innovation now it has turned into a movement. Anyone in the area of music players is always chasing, its Apple’s sublime quality and plainness that beat them all. Since its introduction in 2001, October, IPod has gained massive popularity all around the world for one common reason, Music at a touch (Miser, 2006).

Just pick the little power house up in your hand and you can feel it, sense it and suddenly before you know it you will get it.

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Type of Technology
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With Apple’s inspiring design, its user friendly usability and a cool tag attached to it, defiantly sets a standard for the other MP3 players to be judged (The Journal, 2006).Like everyone else Apple produces its IPods in China but the major difference is that Apple spends plenty of resources on quality control standards which sets them apart from its competitors. IPods have made audio so fast, so easy, so seamless.

With an IPod you just don’t have a simple digital audio player.

IPod offers games, various videos, personal contact information, notes, email settings, calendars’ and bookmarks to the models which carry these features (Access my library, 2007).IPod comes in five different models. IPod nano, IPod mini, IPod shuffle, IPod touch and IPod classic.

Apple introduces new versions in these models time to time by bringing in the new changes required by its customers. Except IPod touch and shuffle all the IPods have the same designed five keys included in a small touch screen called a click wheel. Click wheel performs functions like controlling the volume and scrolling in a most innovative fashion. Other buttons execute the simple functions like menu, play/pause, next track and previous track (Biersdorfer, Pogue 2007).

On April 29, 2003 Apple launched iTunes store, an online multimedia store managed by the Apple corp., which is assessable through iTunes. Apple estimated that it will reach 1 million songs by the end of six months but in fact they crossed that milestone in four weeks. ITunes became a revolution in the online store business as soon as its launch (The New York Times Magazine, 2007).

When Apple launched its IPod in 2001, Rio Audio had a serious impact on its business. They were first to offer the mp3 players in the late 90s. Soon after IPod’s launch Rio Audio’s sales became less and less. Today after spending millions of dollars on its new product’s design and performance it still can’t beat Apple, who now is the inevitable market leader in the mp3 player industry.

Carbon, Rio Audio’s new product, is placed second in terms of sales of mid-sized music players, to none other then IPod mini. By September 9, 2009 Apple had sold more than 220 million IPods all over the world.IPods have gathered a number of awards for Apple corp. from being the most innovative audio device to having the best engineering excellence.

IPods get brilliant reviews on its style and looks. The IPod line has opened up a whole new era of music. Customers using the IPods claim that they have never had so much fun listening to music and they have a powerful identity technology device to where ever they go (Friedman 2007). To many, IPods are irreplaceable, irresistible and indispensable personal data bank which stores from music to movies, from TV shows to podcasts, from games to calendars, from notes to bookmark,.

IPod is truly a master class from Apple. Reference:Brad Miser, Absolute Beginner’s Guide to iPod and iTunes, Que, 2006.Thomas L. Friedman, The World Is Flat 3.

0: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century. Picador, 2007.J D Biersdorfer J.D.

and David Pogue, ipod: The missing manual. Pogue Press, 2007.In iPod We Trust: The Journal. 2006.

3 January 2006.; http://thejournal.com/articles/2006/03/01/in-ipod-we-trust.aspx;The Guts of a New Machine.

The New York Times Magzine. 2003. 30 November 2003.;http://www.

nytimes.com/2003/11/30/magazine/30IPOD.html?pagewanted=1;The iPod as a business model: what does the iPod have to do with business? Just about everything. Access my library.

2007. 12 February 2007.http://www.accessmylibrary.com/article-1G1-162788904/ipod-business-model-does.htmlTypes of TechnologyOutline1)      Ipod’s introductioni)        Ipod’s popularity2)      Ipod’s standard and qualityi)        Ipod’s offeringsii)      Ipods features3)      Ipod’s modelsi)        Ipod’s buttons4)      iTunes storei)        iTunes’ sales5)      Ipod in comparison to Rio Audio6)      Ipod’s awards;;;;

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