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Academic Strength and Weakness

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My academic strength is I’m able to write and speak in a language other than English. I’m also pretty good in math and sports. My weakness would be my lack of vocabulary, the ability to communicate well with others, and being shy around others. My current major is business economic. By knowing a foreign language can be very helpful in the business world as of today. A lot of people travel to other country and make business plans with each other and they usually bring a person that can translate for them.

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Academic Strength and Weakness
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If you know that language wouldn’t it be great. Even thought my major is business economic right now my plan is to go into international business. That way I can put my strength for a good use. My weakness for this major is that I have never taken a class for business. When in high school was not that smart in economic. I was an k student.

Another weakness I have is the lack of vocabulary I know. It’s very important to know a lot Of big terms people use nowadays.

The last weakness have is I’m really shy. But in the business field you cannot be shy away from other people. You need to communicate to others without shyness. By not being shy I think I need to talk to more people and get comfortable around people that do not know. I feel like my strength lines up with my major. But for my weakness I still need time to work on and then make it as my strength. Once I improve my weakness I think both will be line up with my major pretty well.

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