Academic Plagiarism and Why is Academic Integrity 

What Is Plagiarism?

“Plagiarism is derived from the Latin word “plagiarus” which means “kidnapper,” who abducts the child” (Merriam Webster,). Plagiarism is a widespread problem around the world. There are many types of plagiarism. People don’t acknowledging its author and representing the paper as their own or purchase the assignment from ghost-writers and showing them as their own. (Denisova-Schmidt, May 24, 2016)

Types of Plagiarism:

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  • Verbatim Plagiarism: when people submits else work as their own without acknowledging the real author.
  • Mosaic Plagiarism: This plagiarism is used by the white-collar employee. As these involve mixing different topics and add their own word to look like it is their own.“ This is copying and pasting in patchy manner”(Jawad F, Nov 13).
  • Paraphrasing: If one rewrites in his / her own words some part/paragraph of the text, it is called paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is a restatement of someone else’s ideas in your own words
  • Cyber Plagiarism: “Copying or downloading in part or in their entire articles or research papers and idea from the internet and not giving proper attribution is unethical and falls in the range of cyber plagiarism ”( Jawad F,2013).

How plagiarism is related working environment : “According to the survey done by Collins and Schmidt (1993) they compared the federal white-collar prisoners. In their research they used subscales of the California personality inventory (specifically the responsibility, stability, and self-control scales) a biodata scale and PDI employment Inventory (to measure the productivity of the employee who is there for their internship or for a limited time). they found a strong to moderate correlation between 36 criminals and 344 mangers of stability. As we know that white-collar crime of plagiarism is ignored lack effectiveness by the government and the agencies.” ( Daniel E. Martin and Asha Rao, July 6, 2009).

How plagiarism is related to workplace:(Miranda, b. 2019)

Taking credit for an idea: “In a working environment employee gives new ideas for the betterment of the company or improve the process. If the employee shares the idea with other employees then the other employee will pitch this idea as his own this is known as plagiarism”.

Failing a list of source: “When reporting statistics in a news story. Providing a quote or giving any information that you didn’t discover on your own, it’s important to cite the source failing to cite the source, but using the information, is plagiarism”.

Stealing blog content: “If a small business decides in a news story, providing a quote or giving any information that you didn’t discover on your own its important to cite the source, failing to cite the source but using the information is plagiarism if you’re writing a piece online, you should mention the source and link back to the original web page”.

Reproducing an e-book: “Consultants, coaches and marketing experts create electronic books to provide advice to potential clients which help build their credibility and earn additional money. If a company redesigns the cover of another author’s e-book but keeps the same content, it is plagiarism”.

What is Academic Integrity

“Academic integrity means acting with values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility in learning, teaching, and is important for students, teachers, researchers and professional staff to act in an honest way, be responsible for their actions, and show fairness in every part of their work. All students and staff should be an example to others of how to act with integrity in their study and work. Academic integrity is important for an individual’s and a school’s reputation” (Exemplary Academic integrity project,2013).

How is academic integrity related to workplace: (Octavian RUJOIU Valentina RUJOIU,2014)

“Individuals in high school and college who have chosen to be dishonest can hardly ‘rid’ of it in the workplace This is demonstrated by many students through their behaviour. investigated academic dishonesty among graduate students in engineering and the relationship between these unethical behaviours and workplace misconduct referred to as ‘professional Dishonesty. For example, they found that the most frequently pressures to cheat and violate the policies of the workplace ‘not enough time,’ ‘grade pressure,’ ‘the professor deserved it as well as lack of time, money or equipment to do work, wanted to look better than I was, and the company deserved it”.

“It has been found that men and especially the younger ones engage more in dishonest behaviour, both during university years and in the workplace. The cited authors mentioned that in general “students who believed that dishonest acts are acceptable were more likely to engage in those dishonest acts than were those who believed the dishonest acts were unacceptable, and students who engaged in dishonest behaviour in their college classes were more likely to engage in dishonest behaviour on the job”. It seems that among the reasons that lead to employee dishonesty are also accumulated frustration at work, lack of personal integrity, the various opportunities that arise over time or the pressure on the individual”

“On the other hand, the instruction given by the family or school is principal. Thinks about have appeared that commerce administrators compared to other callings are getting to be progressively challenged in terms of moral infringement and numbness. In a representative sample of 1.051 of American trade understudies (52% guys and 48% females, 74% students and 26% of graduates), have analyzed the conceivable relationship between academic dishonesty and working environment untruthfulness. It has been found that men and particularly the more youthful ones lock in more in untrustworthy behaviour, both amid college a long time and within the work environment. It appears that among the reasons that lead to representative untrustworthiness are too collected disappointment at work”.


I have learned about what plagiarism means how people use plagiarism to avoid working hard and using it for their own selfiesh benefits and what is acadameic interrgirty and how it is used in the working environment and the research done by RUJOIU about the people who use plagairsm in their working day and how plagiarism has affected the people and their work as it leads to serious consequences.

This essay was written by a fellow student. You may use it as a guide or sample for writing your own paper, but remember to cite it correctly. Don’t submit it as your own as it will be considered plagiarism.

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