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Accounting or accounting is an art of entering concern dealing. It refers to the procedure of identifying, mensurating and pass oning economic information, for judgement and determination devising. It besides involves cognizing about what sum of money there were ; were used and besides that will be used in dealing.

Accounting began because people needed to enter concern minutess so as to cognize if they were financially successful, how much they owned and how much they owed. Accounting chief aim is to allow people and organisation know if they are doing net income or a loss and how much hard currency they have in the concern so as to go on for the foreseeable hereafter. There is grounds that accounting was practiced in ancient times in Egypt, China, Greece, and Rome. But today ‘s accounting differs wholly from the one which people in ancient clip were utilizing. Today there exist two types of accounting criterions ; Financial Accounting and Management Account.

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Fiscal accounting is all about clerking and readying of fiscal statement. In fiscal accounting, these are the two chief constituents. The information that is produced by fiscal accounting is normally historical, backwards looking and for the usage of determination shapers external to the organisation to whom the information is related.

Management accounting is the procedure of fixing direction studies and histories that provide accurate, seasonably fiscal and statistical information required by directors to do twenty-four hours -to-day and short footings determinations.


Accounting trades with concern dealing. Business minutess are events that have fiscal effects on a concern. For illustration purchasing and merchandising of goods or services, paying measures, etc.

Accounting besides consists of five indispensable basic maps, which are entering, sorting, sum uping, analysing and pass oning. If those maps are non being done by the users of accounting therefore his fiscal statement will non demo a true and just position at the terminal of the fiscal twelvemonth.

The intent of accounting is to roll up information and studies on fiscal information about public presentation, fiscal place, and hard currency flows of a concern. This information is accumulated in accounting records with accountingA minutess, which are recorded either through such standardised concern minutess asA customerA invoicingA orA provider bills, or through more specialised minutess, known asA diary entries. Once it has been stored it is transfer to the fiscal statements which consist of the income statement, the statement of fiscal place, the hard currency flow statement and the statement of maintained net incomes.


As I mentioned earlier there are two types of accounting that is fiscal and managerial accounting. But each of them has their ain users.

Users of accounting information can be developing in two types, which are for internal users and external users. Internal users of accounting information function is to be after, organized and run assurance inside an organisation, they are the 1 who works for the company. It includes selling directors, the financed managers, supervisors, human resource, personal and company officers.

External users of accounting information ; the chief 1s are investors and creditors. Investors make the usage of accounting information to do determination and the creditors such as providers use information to measure the hazard allowing recognition of washing money. We should observe that these are the two chief types of external users and in every house at that place should the two of them. There are besides some more illustrations of external users that are the labour brotherhood, the clients, the revenue enhancement governments, regulative bureaus, economic contrivers, and stakeholder ( they are the 1 who have certain involvement within the company ) .


Accounting has a primary aim, which is to supply information for determination devising. For illustration a auto company, by utilizing accounting he knows about the figure of autos sold in a month, he can cipher its depreciation value and therefore he can find if he can buy more. In other words if a concern record what he sold, to whom, the day of the month it was sold, the monetary value at which it was sold, and the day of the month it received payment from the clients, along with similar informations refering the purchases it made. Certain information could be produced sum uping what had taken topographic point. The profitableness of the concern and the fiscal position of the concern could besides be identified, at any peculiar point in clip.

Every concern demands accounting records because there are the lone records of a house ‘s fiscal place. It helps to memorise and provides nonsubjective grounds of activities performed, events occurred, consequences achieved, or statement made. That is why there is eight accounting procedure that helps house ‘s for their accounting records to be accurate and precised.


The first accounting procedure starts with placing. Lone dealing that belongs to the concern is being recorded. Those which concern the concern entity are included in the procedure. For illustration if the proprietor withdraws money for his personal usage this does non hold anything to make with the entity. The minutess identified are so analyzed to find the histories affected and the sum to be recorded.

A Business proprietors use written paperss to track specific information relating to fiscal minutess. These paperss classify minutess and normally include specific information sing economic events. Business proprietors besides use this information to hold a historical record of concern minutess. Once each dealing is identified and classified, the information is recorded in the company general leger.


All minutess should hold the same common mensurating units. It deals with entering minutess utilizing the state currency. Accountants use these measurings to describe information to internal and external users. Financial accounting measuring are typically recorded at historical cost or adjusted to current market values through seting entries. ManagementA accounting uses measurings to cipher the cost of stuffs used or the figure of labour hours needed to bring forth goods or services. Accountants use specialA cost allocationA methods when ciphering managementA accountingA measurings.

FinancialA accountingA measurings are different than managementA accounting measurings. Assetss, liabilities, debt funding and equity investings are all same accountingA points needed for a periodic measuring. External users make investing determinations based on the information included in fiscal statements ; GAAP ( by and large accepted accounting rules ) is used to show fiscal information in similar methods across concern industries. Harmonizing to the GAAP there are certain rules and Torahs that companies should adopted.

Companies are required by GAAP to enter statement of fiscal place information utilizing aA value accountingA measuring. This measuring technique forces companies to value assets and equity investing at the current market rate at which these points can be sold in an unfastened market. These measurement methods may necessitate to be disclosed on the company ‘s fiscal statements utilizing revelations or footers. These accounts allow investors to understand how the company values its balance sheet points and if the company has accurately applied GAAP. Incorrectly appliedA accountingA measurings can take to misstated fiscal statements ; investors or Bankss may be unwilling to put in these companies because of the accountingA impropernesss.


Recording minutess is the physical procedure of come ining fiscal informations into the company ‘s general leger. Small concerns may utilize manual or machine-controlled accounting legers in their concern operations. Manual accounting requires concern proprietors to keep several paper legers for entering fiscal minutess. Accounting package provides concern proprietors with an electronic procedure for entering minutess and keeping fiscal information. Recording minutess may necessitate concern proprietors to fix journal entries based on fiscal dealing paperss.

All dealing is made in a chronological order. Therefore comptrollers make usage of the diary which known as the book of original entry. The diary is a book in which concern minutess are being recorded utilizing the dual entry clerking system. It contains at least two histories ( one debited and one credited ) . For illustration minutess that occur often such as gross revenues, purchases and hard currency grosss.


Categorization is the procedure of placing accounting minutess and delegating those minutess to an suitably numbered history. A company ‘s categorization system is recorded on what is known as a statement of fiscal place. Certain fiscal information must be reported by jurisprudence. Classification organizes and facilitates this coverage procedure. The categorization system helps steer bookkeepers as to where assorted company minutess should travel, salvaging clip and bettering truth in coverage.

All dealing will be posted to the leger. The leger is a aggregation of history that shows the alterations made to each history as a consequence of past minutess, and their current balances. This is the nucleus of sorting stage. For illustration all diary entries made to hard currency would be transferred into hard currency history in the leger. All additions and lessenings in hard currency will be entered into one leger history.


Sum uping in accounting agencies to look into the arithmetical truth of the leger and to look into before go throughing all the informations in the fiscal statement. That is foremost we need to fix a test balance to look into the equality of the debit and recognition side. Which means the debit balance should be to the recognition balance. All history balances are extracted from the leger and arranged in one study. However there are mistakes which should be corrected. These mistakes are those which affect the test balance such as dual poster or failure to enter a dealing.

At the terminal of the accounting period, some disbursals may hold been incurred but non yet recorded n the diaries. Some income may hold been earned but non entered in the books. Therefore seting entries and prepared to hold the history updated before they are summarizes into the fiscal statement.

When histories are already up to day of the month and equality between debits and credits has been tested, the fiscal statements are the terminal merchandises of an accounting system. All are summarize in the fiscal statement. And for a company a fiscal statement should include the income statement, the statement of alterations in equity, the statement of fiscal place, the statement of hard currency flows.


At the terminal of each dealing all the histories are closed. Income statement history is closed to fix it for the following accounting period. This is where accountant do an analysis for determination doing whether the concern may go on for the foreseeable hereafter ( the traveling concern construct ) or no longer go on operation. It is both for internal direction and external users such as investors, creditors and analysts make the usage of the fiscal statement to measure the company ‘s profitableness, liquidness and solvency.

The most common methods used for analysing the fiscal statement are tendency analysis, common size statements, and ration analysis. For illustration liquidness ratio or acerb trial ratio. These methods include computations and comparings of the consequences to historical company informations, rivals, or industry norms to find the comparative strength and public presentation of the company being analyzed.


Accounting reading is a statement that clarifies how accounting criterions should be applied. Accounting readings are issued by accounting criterions groups, such as the Financial Accounting Standards Board ( FASB ) , the International Accounting Standards Board ( IASB ) . Interpretations are by and large non demands, but instead outline as best patterns and give farther account. Besides, comptrollers are required to follow the accounting criterions that are in topographic point.

As fiscal minutess continue to germinate, new state of affairss develop that may non hold been foreseen by the bing accounting criterions. In this instance, accounting boards may take to publish an reading sketching the recommended patterns for accounting as inquiries arise. If new alterations are peculiarly important, the criterions themselves may be adjusted so that conformity is required.


Accounting, the linguistic communication of concern, has its ain regulations and definitions that seem uneven to persons with no fiscal background. Accountants need to pass on the significance behind the Numberss in a manner that is clear, apprehensible and that makes sense to non fiscal persons.

The most of import usage of accounting informations is to pass on meaningful information, leting direction to do good determinations. To be effectual, accounting information must do sense and be understood. Or else, it is merely a list of Numberss with no existent significance. Many concerns use templets for internal studies to pass on information in a affair that is familiar and easy to utilize by direction. For illustration, sections may acquire existent budget studies every month, utilizing the same format, easing apprehension and analysis. That is why accountant are here to assist in those determinations.

Equally good as hearing is besides really of import. If an comptroller can non understand what is being said, he will lose important information. Listening and understanding are important accomplishments because they allow accountant to cognize about client ‘s outlooks and better function them. When an accounting professional listens and empathizes, he creates trusts within the clients.

For the investors every bit good communicating is really of import, it helps them to cognize how a concern is making financially. Normally this type of information is communicated through standard studies, such as balance sheets and income statements, compiled utilizing by and large accepted accounting rules. A balance sheet shows assets, including hard currency, liabilities and proprietors equity. An income statement presents income and disbursals of a concern at a certain point in clip. Both statements are compiled the same manner every month or period, leting for comparison and analysis, from an investor point of position. Many investors may besides desire to see hard currency flow statements with information about money coming in and traveling out in a concern. They may besides bespeak particular coverage.

Advantages of these eight accounting procedure

These eight accounting procedure aid comptrollers and directors ;

To avoid zero entries

That is every dealing that happens in the concern should be recorded in the book of premier entry. This is in conformity with the GAAP.

To assist to accommodate history

To avoid loss of information

To assist in comparing different period of history so as to do proper and accurate determination. For illustration to cognize whether the concern may go on operation for the foreseeable hereafter.

To supervise net income and disbursals

To keep fiscal control of the concern

To command inventory/ stock

For illustration they verify if there is any wastage or stock left in the concern.

To avoid fraud and mistakes.

Therefore as a bookkeeper you need to finish your undertaking by using these eight procedures so that you can avoid fraud and mistakes, manipulate the minutess, closed all history at the terminal of each accounting period and so starts a with a positive good will in the concern. Harmonizing to the GAAP every concern should use all regulations and ordinances of accounting criterions.


The lone similarity between them is that both use the same information which is extracted from the accounting information system. But they do differ from each other.

In fiscal accounting money is largely use as a agency of mensurating economic public presentation. Whereas in direction history merely detail that concerns the fiscal place of the concern are being used.

Management accounting is all about piecing cost suitably so that concerns can take appropriate determinations. Management comptrollers are chiefly involved in set uping the costs incurred in bring forthing the end product of a concern and in keeping a budgeting system that provides directors with capableness to be after and command activity and so run into the aims of the organisation.

Management comptrollers are besides involved in fixing any information of a fiscal nature that directors and other determination shapers require and which is non considered a portion of the function of the fiscal comptroller. Their work can be really much more different than that of a fiscal comptroller, and they are non link with any regulations and ordinances refering either how they perform computations or how they present information.

Planing and control

Management histories are used to assist direction record, program and command the activities of a concern and to help in the decision-making process.A They can be prepared for any period ( for illustration, many retail merchants prepare day-to-day direction information on gross revenues, borders and stock degrees ) .So as to measure future determinations.

Fiscal histories depict the public presentation of a concern over a specific period and the province of personal businesss at the terminal of that period.A The specific period is frequently referred to as the “ Trading Time period ” and is normally one twelvemonth long and besides the period-end day of the month as the “ statement of fiscal place terminal “ .

Rules and Regulations

Fiscal accounting statements prepared for external users must move in conformity with the by and large accepted accounting rules ( GAAP ) . External users must hold some confidence that the studies have been prepared in conformity with a common set of regulations and ordinances. These regulations and ordinances improve comparison and aid cut down fraud and mistakes, but they do non needfully take to the type of studies that would be most utile in internal determination devising. For illustration, if direction is sing selling land to open a new shop, they need to cognize the current market value of the land. However, GAAP requires that the land be stated at its original, historical cost on fiscal studies. The more relevant information for the determination the current market value is ignored under GAAP.

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