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Act.5 writing assignment

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While visiting all of their operating locations has heard how successful they have been using the team approach. If Dolman and Lei would assign managers under them they would be able to be more equipped to handle the daily activities of Sandwich Blitz. The self-managed teams would require training to be able to determine what type of training would help the handle the daily responsibilities.

The difference between a group of people working for and team,is that a group will interact and do a task but will not necessarily work together to achieve goals or achieve performance improvements and a team will work together as one to trust each other and accomplish the goals.

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Once they are trained they will be able to reach their goals. This would also allow Dolmen’s involvement in visiting each individual organization could be decreased. The self-managed teams should be able to hand manager operation concerns.

Lei will able to stay back ND completely concentrate on Sandwich Blitz’s financial matters without being disturbed.

“Teams can enhance speed and be powerful forces for innovation and change” (Bateman, 2013). When it comes to monitoring and implementing the company’s policies Dolman and Lei can train the self-managed team so each of the employees can understand what they are supposed to do. Not only will the employees no the company’s policies they would know the positives and the negatives of the company. Executing what Dolman and Lei’s knowledge to

Sandwich Blitz work processes would help he teams solve problems and develop improvements. A self-managed teams can help Dolman and Leis Sandwich Blitz increase team productivity, such as cross training the employees of various positions within the company. This type of training increases the flexibilities when there is a shortage in shifts. In conclusion, the Sandwich Blitz needs each employee to do their part this is where self-managed teams help.

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