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Alhamdulillah, praise and gratitude to Allah S. W. T with whose mercy enable us to complete this business plan. In the process of planning, preparing and finishing this business plan, we had to overcome many problems. We are indebted to many people who have contributed in various ways in preparation of this business plan. Without them, this business would not have been as it is today. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have contributed greatly to our efforts. In addition, we would like to give our appreciation to whoever involved in completing this business plan whether directly or indirectly.

To all the group members who give full cooperation and patient to complete the process of finding information. Finally we wish to thank our family and all friends for their help and support completing this business plan. For guidance, assistance and ideas, again from our heart, thank you very much.

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ADABI Company’s Profile

This our introduction about ADABI. Datuk Syed Manshor Syed Mahmood Adabi is the Managing director and founder of Consumer Industries Sdn Bhd (ACISB). ADABI provide consumers with products of the highest quality, standards and are guaranteed 100% halal, hygienic, wholesome and healthy.

The company has received the MS890:1984 certification from Sirim, and the SuperBrand status from the Malaysian Superbrands Council and Reader’s Digest. In recognition of this commitment to quality, ADABI has received numerous awards and accolades. The company, whose major market segment comprises Malays, plans to introduce more products that suit all Malaysians. Its products are also exported to Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, the Middle East and Britain. Curently , ADABI has over 60 types of products under 6 main categories– Powdered Spice Mix, Processed Paste, Flour Mix, Sauce, Canned Food and Beverage.

ADABI recently launched chocolate and strawberry flavoured flour mix, fish soup spices and assam jawa. ADABI will continuously strive to identify and develop products to cater households and market needs.


In 1984, the first batch of ADABI products rolled off from a small factory in Batu Caves Light Industrial Area in Kuala Lumpur. Adabi shifted to its present factory and office premises located in Rawang Integrated Industrial Park. Situated on the 4 acres of land, the site presently houses the production, warehouses, office building and other administrative facilities of Adabi.

Adabi is a household name in every home in Malaysia. whose logo is represented by the traditional Royal Malay Palace of Malacca in the sixteenth century. The Malay palace denotes the fact that Adabi products have a very strong heritage, similar with the quality food that was served to the royalties in the past. True to its image, the Adabi brand has consistently delivered to Malaysian consumer food products that are 100% Halal, and of the highest quality. It is because of this that Adabi was recently voted a Superbrand for the year 2002 by the Malaysian Superbrands Council.

Adabi can proudly lay claim to the fact it is one of only a select few Superbrands that is purely homegrow, through and through. The Adabi brand has also managed to penetrate the minds of consumers outside of Malaysia, especially those in the Indonesian cosmopolitan areas of Medan and Jakarta. Some of Adabi’s well-known products have been marketed and sold in Indonesia since 1993, and the Adabi brand has also been promoted consistently in the mass media over there. Adabi brand logo is represented by the traditional Royal Malay Palace of Malacca in the sixteenth century.


Adabi’s vision is want to achieve all matter below:

  • To be The 2nd Largest Packed Food Manufacture in Malaysia by year 2020.
  • To produce delicious and high quality food in accordance with international HALAL standard.
  • To become the largest distributor consumer products in Malaysia by year 2020, distributing products other than those produce by ADABI.
  • To become a multinational company in food and consumer products processes.
  • To safeguard the welfare of its employee, ensuring harmony and enhancing their economic status year after year.


We are a prominent organization with strong market presence, currently experiencing rapid expansion. In our continuing efforts to entrench ourselves as the prime leader in the food industry, we invite dynamic and resourceful team players to be a part of our success and growth.


  • To improve sales and grow its business, the company would maintain its strategy of launching new products annually.
  • To propose and recommend marketing objectives, plans, strategies for the brands aimed at meeting profit and growth objectives
  • To plan and implement above-the -line and below-the-line marketing activities
  • To work closely with Market Research Unit in collecting relevant datas and to plan strategies based on market information
  • To liase with distributor, advertising agencies and other relevant entities related to Marketing Department
  • To prepare specific assignment given by Marketing Manager
  • To plan promotion activies and attends to customer complaints.


This business has huge potential to grow because there are not many dealers who have been in business this tamarind water. Honey Tamarind Juice is a drink that is based on traditional drinks supplemented with a variety of properties that will meet the needs of our customers. This drink has no preservatives or set an age limit and would be enjoyed by all levels of society. Our product is convinence because it’s easy to get everywhere.

First of all, is suitable for all our generations. Weather kids, teenagers or elders. Although, most of the kids in Malaysia and the kids all over the world prefer juice than any other drinks. But, with honey tamarind juice, it can change their mind and the way their thinking. Tamarind is a refreshing juice and it is good for children minds and it’s suitable for teenagers in Malaysia. Even though, we know almost all teenagers prefer to drink soda than juice.

But, once they try and taste the refresh of honey tamarind juice, they might try it again and love the taste of the juice. The most important thing is that, we added honey in tamarind juice , like we know honey has many benefits such as prevent cancer and heart disease, reduce ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders , The glucose in honey is absorbed by the body quickly and gives an immediate energy boost and so on . Lastly, honey tamarind juice is suitable for elder people because we use 100% honey in tamarind juice to replace sugar.

With honey, they don’t have to worry about quantity of the sugar in the juice but the taste of tamarind is so powerful and refreshing. They can still taste the sourness of tamarind. Lastly, the honey tamarind juice is original from the fruit itself and they are no chemical ingredients. This juice also can help to lost weight, remove scars and can help to recover asthma and allergies.

uice Enterprise will use a variety of methods to advertisement. Obviously, quality customers service with quality is an extremely importance aspects of any business especially food business in ability to attract and keep in touch with customers. The employees must be mentally and physically focused on producing a quality product and pleasing the customer. As promotion strategy is the most important way to attract more customers, our business has been took a lot of steps. Business card is very important to make sure our reseller know how to contact us.

So we give our business card to all our agent and reseller. Besides we also give to the selected customers because we want they know how to contact us for their personal events such as open house, parties and so on. We also promoted our product through the banners and buntings. We put the banners in the areas that provide a lot of people to notice our products such as shopping mall, market, our reseller premises and around the town. While buntings we decided to put along the main road because we can attract the road users to know our product.

We decided to put along the road in Dataran Pahlawan because the area is well known to the local people. A week before we launch our product we decided to make a small kiosk in the well known shopping mall in Melaka such as Dataran Pahlawan, Melacca Parade and Melacca Mall. This kiosk will promote our products to the people through the pamphlet. Thus we also give free to the guests to try and comment our product. This kind of promotion can give us the first prediction to forecast our sales for the first month. It also can give the feedback from the customers to our product to maintain the quality.

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