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Addiction Free Life

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Is Freedom from Addiction possible? A very wise person once said to me “some things you cannot do alone; freedom from addiction is one of those things.”
To gain freedom from addiction is to understand what “addiction” is, and how it works. Addiction wants control! Addiction is like a thief in the night! Sometimes it takes a little, sometimes a lot, but it never gets enough. Addiction keeps coming back for more until it owns that person; the whole person.
Addiction wants a person to be riddled with fear, doubt and unbelief; feel condemned, guilty and unworthy; to question God’s plan for their life.

Addiction wants that person to waste time and energy fretting over their choices “What if, If Only.” Addiction wants their hearts to become callous with bitterness and un-forgiveness towards themselves and others; to become filled with criticism and suspiciousness and to trust no one, not God and not themselves; no one! Addiction wants their minds to be anxious and worried; their minds to be passive, depressed and full of darkness and gloom; their minds to be confused, unfocused and undisciplined.

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Addiction Free Life
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Addictions to chemical substances that result in psychological and physiological dependency are the most obvious addictions noted in society today. All forms of substance abuse are potentially deadly and can be devastating to the lives of the people who are addicted, and also those people who come into contact with them, especially the families of the addicted.
Although, all drug abuse comes from the same place when it comes to fundamental addictive behavior each drug or addictive substance is different. When a person is addicted, it generally takes a significant negative situation or event to drive that addicted person to stop. Addicted people often need to hit bottom or hit a brick wall in their addiction to stop the insanity. Whatever that bottom is, once it happens the addict has a chance to find help and become free.
Finding a different path in life is something that.

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