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Good Arguments of Adoption

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There are many opinions on adoption; I look at it as an alternate route other than abortion because no child should have to be put through that when they’re rally Innocent. Which Is a good argument because It’s not right to take the life of an innocent child but at the same time if the mother was a victim of rape she shouldn’t be judged if she wants to have an abortion because she wasn’t ready for a child yet.

Putting children up for adoption sounds like a clear cut choice to me, rather than abortion but it can also be a very slow process that you have to stick too.

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Good Arguments of Adoption
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First, I would like to talk about the goods of adoption. Adoption is a special thing; It can start a family or bring a family together. Every member of the family cherishes adoption, It’s truly a special moment for the new parents and the child that’s being welcomed in the family.

Some parents go the adoption route simply because they couldn’t have children of their own for whatever reason that is and others Just want to complete that missing part of their family without actually having to go through an actual pregnancy.

In most cases a natural pregnancy is quicker than the adoption process but the female might not like regular birth or be afraid of It so It’s understandable why some couples choose to adopt, It Just takes a lot of patience. Every child deserves a set of parents that care them and will raise them up properly, I don’t think there are any downfalls when it comes too adopting children. Some kids don’t have the opportunity most kids have, to enjoy a life with their parents whether it be death or something like a drug addiction.

Another big factor in adoption is the home life. Adoption is a really big step and both parents have to be on board and willing to do whatever It takes to support the child. At the same time you have to make the child comfortable Just because you’ve adopted children doesn’t mean everything is fine and dandy, it’s a relationship between the two (parent and child) and it’s the parents job too bond with the child.

Adopting is like meeting new people, you want to make a good first impression and I’m sure in the time of getting to know one another there will be plenty of head bumping and things that both aren’t used too but being the adult the parent Is responsible and fully capable of handling all problems that may come about. Childcare. Com says that “many agencies require trainings for prospective adoptive parents prior to or during the home study process. These trainings help prospective parents better understand the needs of children waiting for families, adoption issues, and agency requirements.

They can help families decide what type of child or children they could parent most effectively. ” “Parents through adoption may have Issues to resolve. There Is a loss of a biological child. There are questions about Identity, sadness at the Inability to nurture from conception, and the uncertainty about whether the relationship with an adopted child would be a fulfilling one. ” (advertisements. Com) in other words the parents have to be comfortable with themselves as well and everything they have en through especially if the couple couldn’t have children through a natural birth.

It’s important to be sure what you want and confident in your decision making because once the adoption process Is started there’s nothing left to do but wait. 38 percentage. Eve always loved children so adoption is something I would definitely consider trying if I couldn’t have kids of my own. It’s really heartbreaking to me that there are that many children out there with no families or role models too look up too. I know I grew up in a single parent home and my mother was always there for me through anything.

I feel that when kids are in foster homes and the states custody that nobody really cares about you and no one should feel as such. In my Childhood, my mother worked at several group homes for foster children ironically, but all the kids was Just as normal as any other person Eve met. They Just wanted somebody who cared for them and would love them and I realize that now that I look back on it. In conclusion, this is why I think adoption is good for the world and truly a blessing. America’s adoption rate needs to rise as a responsibility. Every child needs family or someone to make them feel loved at least.

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