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Informative speech on adoption

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What do I have In common with Edgar Allan Poe, John Lennox, Steve Jobs, and Eleanor Roosevelt? We are all adopted. Adoption Is the act of transferring parental rights and duties to someone other than the adopted person’s biological parents. The process of adoption is long, can be expensive, and varies greatly from state to state. Not only do adoptions vary from state to state but there is variation within a state. The variation comes in as there are various types of adoption.

There is private adoption, adoption from foster care by foster parents, or by other applicants.

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Informative speech on adoption
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There Is step parent or other family member adoption, such as adoption by grandparents. There Is also adoption across state line which requires an Interstate compact for the placement of children agreement between the state where the child is residing pre adoption and the state where the adoptive family lives. The international adoption process could take up to four years or more, the length of time also depends on the child’s country of origin’s procedure, the adoption services provider’s process, and the United States immigration process.

There Is a treaty that the U. S has to help the adoption process called the Hogue Adoption Convention. The treaty governs adoption between the united States and several different countries. The adoption process is different when adopting a child from a convention country then a non-convention country. I was adopted when I was only a year old. In adoption there are some benefits and detriments . I was adopted when I was younger so it was like I was born into the family. I don’t know where I would be if I wasn’t adopted.

There are also some minuses to being adopted too, Like not knowing where you where you come from or who you look Like_ there are some cons that come with being adopted too. Many children who are adopted have experienced neglect and abuse. Many adopters report experiencing feelings of abandonment, resentment, and a longing to know more about the bio family and the circumstances that led to their adoption. Recent statistics report that 7 million Americans are adopted, out of all of that approximately 140,000 children are adopted by American families each year.

The number of hillier adopted each year from the U. S. Foster care system Is reported by each state. Reporting Is mandatory: states must report these numbers In full. In recent study by the Interconnect adoption, a number of children adopted each year in total by American families is an estimate only. The numbers of adoptions of children who are not adopted through the U. S. Foster care system agencies or state are not reported (except on a voluntary basis). There are an estimated 150,000 children who are legally free and are waiting for an adoptive family.

Adoption Is a deferent way to rate a family. Parents who want to add a child or another child but cannot or are not willing to have a biological child should consider adoption. Children who are without a family due to legal issues, death or addiction need to be adopted to grow up in a stable family. Adoption is a solution, but there are some issues that are unique to adoptive families and adopters.

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