Advantages & Disadvantages of Tuition Essay

~help for students who really need help with their studies or where the school teacher falls short. ( Tuition classes that focus on exam preparation for university entrance exams which beneficial and necessary. ) ~Give extra exercises ~More explain ~Problem solving ~Make full use of time ~kids can spend their time something useful ~can ask their friend about homework problem ~kids can ask more question they din understand ~can help them achieve success in examination ~ can study in a suitable environmental condition The Disadvantages of Tuition ~tuition takes time and students have little time left after school and homework.

When parents put the student through further tuition which may not be really necessary, it results in wasted time.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Tuition
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The student could use that time for other activities such as sports, arts, music, join clubs and gain the benefits – learning social skills, organizing skills and time management. ) This is a much more balanced development path and healthier than the one which is purely concentrated in studies alone.

~School teacher is also Tuition teacher, misused power. ~Kids really don’t like to study, as almost all parent send their child to tuition centre to full fill their time. Waste of time and money, if the student does not make full use of tuition service. (If you pay attention in class and do your revision regularly, there is no need for extra tuition. The money you would save could be used to buy revision books. Personally, I feel private tuition is a waste of hard-earned money. ) ~kids feel tired, no mood to study anymore ~co-curriculum or clubs need to attend to ~time consuming ~tuition costly (One subject may cost more than fifty dollars per month. So, if a student decides to take six subjects, he will probably have to pay around six hundred dollars.

Eventually, they need to depend on school teachers for help. Actually, the money spend on tuition can be used for other things such as buying revision books for furthering studies in the future. ) Problem Students can ask anything they are in doubt, most students scared to ask in class. Some teachers teach very basic stuff or go through some lessons very fast, in extra classes teacher takes time to teach, can understand better. Students can learn extra things not thought in school, get tips, answer a variety of questions. Conclusion Some students go there not to study but to play, pak toh, etc.

Students generally rush to tuition, some tired, sleep in class, can’t concentrate. Some teachers in extra class teach for the sake of money, not to help student. How does is improve Students understand better, with better understanding they can tackle exam questions easily. Students who are weak can ask the teacher privately, generally tuition teacher has more time to spend with the students then school teachers, the students dun get left out. Sometimes school teachers teach like no will to teach, tuition is different, more conducive classrooms eg air cond, spacious, learning will be better.

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