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The readings by Arthur Berger on analyzing fashion advertising, print advertisements, and television commercials shed light on the complex and often hidden messages that advertisements convey. Berger’s analysis goes beyond the surface level and explores the symbolism and connections within advertisements. The checklist provided in Checklist for Analyzing Print Advertisements is helpful in understanding how to analyze an advertisement, as demonstrated in Berger’s analysis of advertisements by Calvin Klein, Revlon, and Benandre. It is fascinating to see how every detail, from facial expressions to clothing color, is purposeful and contributes to the overall message of the advertisement. The most significant takeaway from these readings is that understanding how to analyze an advertisement can prevent unwanted manipulation.

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Advertisement Essay Response When reading “Sex as a Symbol in Fashion Advertising,” “Checklist for Analyzing Print Advertisements,” and “A Primer on Analyzing Television Commercials” written by Arthur Berger, I looked beyond all the billboards, magazine ads, television commercials, posters and internet pop ups and really saw the connections that each of them try to make with the average person in the world.

The way the companies design and portray their argument or item to be sold is completely more advanced than anyone would really think it is. To be subjected to the media from day one of their lives, people tend to not notice the manipulation it has over their life. Berger described every inch of the advertisements he was analyzing, and looked way under their surfaces. The idea of white space representing class was something that is very abstract and something that I am not sure that just anyone would catch on to.

The way he analyzed the bath tub as being a sexual symbol, a baptism, and a dehydrated woman as being not able to reproduce was very deep as well. I see the connections but it is very under the surface. The steps that were given in the check list were very helpful in being able to know where to start and what to look at when analyzing an advertisement. It was easy to see that he used the steps when he analyzed the Calvin Klein, Revlon and Benandre advertisements he mentioned in the beginning.

It is so interesting that the average billboard on the side of the freeway and television commercials have such in depth detail. All the way down to the facial expression, and the color of the clothes they are wearing, everything means something. The topic that jumped out most at me was when Berger was saying that knowing how to analyze an advertisement can stop unwanted manipulation.

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