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In Alice Walker’s poem, Without Commercials, she explores the idea of what it means to be a natural born human being. The poet uses powerful imagery and similes to criticize the ways in which people harm and alter their bodies. She suggests that people should embrace their natural characteristics and not try to conform to societal expectations. Walker’s own experiences, such as being blind for a period of time, have influenced her perspective on self-acceptance. The poem encourages readers to appreciate themselves for who they are and to remember the importance of life.

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“Without Commercials” Without Commercials by Alice Walker is an intriguing poem that describes the characteristics of a natural born human being. Alice Walker does a staggering job of describing what humans do these days to themselves and their bodies. Her words and similes tie it all together for this remarkable poem describing the way people see themselves without commercials. When I first read this poem, I thought it was incommensurable meaning it was very different in the way the author put it. The poem made me realize that God made you for who you are not to go and get a tattoo, a noise piercing or anything else that wasn’t one of the characteristics you were born with. If god wanted you to have that then you would’ve received it when you were born, not when your 20. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it but kids today think its cool to go out and get them done for no reason.

Don’t try and be like someone else be you!! Alice Walker was a girl that looked different from everyone else due to the fact that she was a darker skin and she became blind at the age of eight due to a BB-gun but when the scar tissue was removed from her eye at age 14, she became confident in herself and wrote: “I [became] a different person from the girl who [did] not raise her head.” When I read the lines: “Stop unfolding your eye. Your eyes are beautiful.” This just popped an image in my head regarding the way you and your body hold a place in your mind, soul, and heart. Always keep in mind that death is on its on clock.

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