Advertisements or commercials are lifelines

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Because of the huge spending by telecoms companies and some local and multinational companies, the advertisement market has also doubled in vive years. ” Bangladesh advertising industry started even before there was a Bangladesh. Those days the advertisements in TV was limited to only a few ads of Habit or Grindings Bank that were shot in West Pakistan but broadcast here. Sass saw the emergence of a new style of advertising. With Color Zone and Pearson, Faze Hessian’s Mantra broke into the scene.

Though a vast majority of the advertisements were still being produced in India. Mr.. Hosing became the director of choice, shooting a string of highly popular commercials. Advertising agencies were lining up to get him to shoot. Unfortunately all the hype had a draw back. While the ads were attractive, star cast affairs (that was the time Mom, Pasha, Nobel and the other celebrity models started to emerge), they were beginning to look alike. Advertisements or commercials are lifeline of the media industry.

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It is one of the continuing financial sources of running the media organizations. There are 110 active advertising agencies in the country. Among the leading players is Unit rend Ltd, Statistical, Ad Com Ltd, Grey Advertising Bangladesh Ltd, Interested, Piton Advertising, Mantra, Creative Media Ltd, Expressions and Bind. Most of the commercials in Bangladesh media, both print and broadcasting, are on mobile phone companies, real estate, private universities, perfumery and toiletries industries, home appliance selling organizations, government and private banks, and beverages.

With the introduction of good production value, fantastic music and visualization, our TV’s are set to compete for the highest awards in the world, many believe. Take for instance the Ceylon Gold Tea TV commercial. Based on a simple yet beautiful script, with an excellent cast, background score and set design, this d has won the hearts of millions instantly its simplicity is based on romantic impulses and the perennial Bengali phenomenon of love over a cup of tea. The creative evolution of our TV’s has been fantastic.

Simple but great use of humor and creativity are the reasons for their success, for example, after recently introducing an array of ads for Power Energy Drink sporting the tagging Equity non, Shuteye Bach (Don’t live like a pessimist but an optimist), they are now one step ahead of other energy drink brands according to retail shop owners in the race for the number one spot in the market. Imitate Raze a famous TV commercial director in Bangladesh Imitate Raze is a well known famous TV Spot maker in Bangladesh.

With innovative approach and creative visual presentation with social commitment his production becomes famous in Bangladesh. On behalf of Machismo I WOUld like to give thanks for his excellent productions. Imitate Raze Chuddar is Director Producer of HALF STOP DOWN. From the very beginning of the company he is working with his dignity. A short biography can be written in this portion. Imitate Raze Chuddar is Director Producer of HALF STOP DOWN. From the ere beginning of the company he is working with his dignity. A short biography can be written in this portion.

Bangle TV: Why I decide TV G P Gap is the largest telephone operator in our country. They have highest network capacity. When we think about telephone operator our first choice is go for gap. They also have a standard quality concept. So I think choosing gap is better than other company. This is the story of Mozzarella Huge a cyclist, a believer, a game-changer! His conviction gave him strength to surpass all cynicism and disbelief from people around him and evolve Bangladesh cycling revolution through his group Bitchiest.

Grahame phone mainly focused and worked as well their dialogue “Every body should have dreams, Dreams to achieve something impossible” Gramophone was the first company to introduce GSM technology in Bangladesh. It also established the first 24-hourly Center to support its subscribers. With the slogan Go Beyond, Gramophone promises its customers to bring the best of communication technologies so that they can Go Beyond. Production House: Apple box Films Ltd. Director: Pupil R khan. What I understand in Give compliment on an ad is so easier for a viewer but compliment of a viewer is o important for a producer.

Because compliment of a viewer will show if they understand the main theme of their ad So When saw several time this ad I personally felt that Grahame phone is trying to inspire people by belief, ecological influence, perception, memory, cognitive development , emotion and believe own self is a strong power to achieve something impossible. So the message is very clear to me and that Mozzarella Huge wanted to show us a strong faith on self can make possible which was impossible and we can do everything if we have strong faith on our self.

Also we can see that when we try to o something better some people while always try to motivate us in a wrong way. They will also say some bad comments & try to teas. If we can stay on our track it will be very easier to reach our goal. My opinion on the Ad: When that this ad strongly focused on people belief according to the Grahame phone have ensured their product and service quality extra ordinary also. Through this ad Personal story relation between Grahame phone at 1st stage as well. Also related their slogan -“Go Beyond” . 1 also agree that this is effective AD as well. Psychological analysis- From the marketer’s point of view:

Grahame phone to be there for you as a Driver’, Ever wonder why some people seem to be very successful, highly motivated individuals? Where does the energy, the drive, or the direction come from? Motivation is an area of psychology that has gotten a great deal of attention. The reason is because we all want to be successful, we all want direction and drive, and we all want to be seen as motivated. From the consumer point of view: Comments 1: It’s my favorite ad as I inspired. Comments 2: It’s effective because when I saw I felt it’s my first time! But Already saw 20 times or more. Comments 3: BAD ROCKS!

Feeling really proud to be a member of BAD Cyclist. Comments 4: As a consumer felt proud because my belief strongly arises. Comments 5: Took me to those days which I left in many places of Bangladesh! Still travel those places through memory lanes- sometime the feeling is painful and at some instances I enjoy the blending of my memories and your creations- what a hard reality our every second is stacking infinite numbers of memories mostly painful except the smiles and laughter of our children when they learned how to walk on their feet. Our fingers still remember the touch of your soft palm which holds the bicycle strongly!

As viewer I like it, because it is obviously effective ad It inspire me by believe perception ; help me together strength whatever it is just a small ad but it can change anybodies ; way of thinking. So I think it is a perfect ad to inspire someone. Recommendations Gramophone is doing well ; they should continue there way of thinking just like that. Among all the given strategies, application of a combined effort will help the most I believe. As Gramophone concentrated a lot on their customer base, the company should try to make its customer a vigor weapon to fight against any difficulty it faces.

Conclusion The simpler the ad one produces, the more appreciation the ad makers and companies can count on garnering, as they leave adequate room for last minute improvements and can produce creative commercials without much sweat. Those interesting brats were still around back then and they used to narrate the full length conversation of the Philips TV. Those TV’s and are were simple, beautiful still all that jazz. With a massive campaign of reached to new heights of customer service & created a positive impression within the industry.

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