Advertising Encourage a Desire for Products Which People Do Not Actually Need.

Advertising encourage a desire for products which people do not actually need. Advertisements can be found everywhere, on the newspaper, billboards, television, magazine, websites and many more. It is a marketing strategy exercise by producers to promote their goods and services to the consumers. Successful advertisements benefit the advertisers but encourage a desire for products which people do not actually need. Firstly, advertisements are misleading.

They emphasize on the benefits and conceal the disadvantages of products, they also link love, pleasure, and fame etc can be fulfilled through some products. Due to the constant bombardment of various advertisements, people may developed misjudgment and be inclined to believe bias information on advertisement, and purchase these products. Carlsberg’s advertisement showcases luxury cars, beautiful women and fun in relation to the alcoholic drink. As a result foolish consumers will think that they can be satisfied after buying such unnecessary products.

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Secondly, many companies hired famous public figures like celebrities, sportsmen to endorse their products as a form of advertisement. Such endorsements help to increase publicity and the thrust of the products. These iconic figures display power, wealth and fame, they endorse products thus helps establish a connection between these desire qualities with the products. One of the well-known fashion brands, Luis Vuitton is endorse by famous celebrities.

It is not a must to have a LV bag but since able to afford one enables you to be in the same league as the celebrities, consumers would want to desire one even if it is pricy. Hence, it shows that advertisement encourage people to buy unnecessary products. Thirdly, bombardments of advertisements act as a hypnotic influence. Since advertisements can be found everywhere, every day, one will eventually be lured by them and be convinced to spent money for something that they do not need. Due to the exchange of information and the power of the media, Advertisements has become more influential.

Lastly, trends are affected by advertisements. A successful advertisement may allow the product to be fashionable for a period of time. Hence people who want to show that they are keeping up with the trend will follow what it popular rather than what is needed. Due to the successful publicity of iPhone by Steve Job, iPhone is currently a popular model around the world; consumers start to purchase iPhone even though cheaper mobile phone can satisfy the basic functions of a mobile phone. |

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