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Alfred M - Alfred Green Analysis introduction. Green delivered a speech, in Philadelphia in 1861, directed towards his fellow African Americans. Now around this era African Americans were not allowed the right to enroll in to the union army. Green wanted to empower his fellow African Americans to enroll by the appeal to powerful words, repetition and the use of inclusive language. Green knew the appeal and emotion that can be drawn from using powerfully motivational words; he does this to drag out the patriotisms inside each person in the audience. “We may again give evidence to the world of bravery and patriotism of a race in whose hearts burns the love of country, of freedom, and of civic and religious toleration.” That there has with it: love, freedom, and religion, all three of which have the ability to draw forth some of the most empowering emotions in a person. These power packed words are said to attempt to draw the audience to an almost epiphany like state, in which they realize the change they can make in the U.S. Following that he boldly proclaims “my country, right or wrong, I love thee still!” he accepts the fact that even thou his country has made previous mistakes, it is still “his” country. Green utilizes the art or repetition, the fact that he purposefully repeats certain words adds intensity to this text.

Throughout this text he says “god, justice, brave and brethren”; each word draws out a different aspect in a person - my country right or wrong i love thee still. God entices the deep believes is religion and doing the “right thing”, while justice and bravery invoke the “manliness” and inner warrior inside a man. This broadens his audience because even if you don’t relate to one aspect hopefully they will relate to another. Finally green constantly uses inclusive language; never did he mention only himself. That was meant to create a bond between him and the audience, hopefully leading to a more unified audience and creating a much more intense movement. “Our duty, brethren, is not to cavil over past grievances. Let us not be derelict to duty in the time of need. While we remember the past and regret…” just in that short passage he mentions “our duty”, “let us”, and “we remember”, all of which are meant to create a unity between all of them. All in all this speech was presented to make African Americans enroll in to the union, he was not trying to convince the army , he was trying to convince his fellow Africans, because the biggest obstacle in people doing something outside their comfort zone is their own insecurities.


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