Allusion: My Chemical Romance and Romeo

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In the song The Sharpest Lives by Gerard Way, he references the story of Romeo and Juliet multiple times. He compares his situation with a girl he met at a party to Romeo confessing his love for Juliet even though they are sworn enemies. Way also alludes to the scene where Romeo and Juliet meet at the party, describing it as meeting at a club. The chorus of the song also contains references to the classic tale, with Way singing about taking shots of alcohol to remember and surrendering to the girl’s kiss. He also compares the girl’s beauty to a bright angel, similar to how Romeo described Juliet. By modernizing and connecting the classic tale to his own situation, Way allows the listener to understand and relate to the lyrics more easily.

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Gerard Way, claims that he need this girl he met at the party even though she is supposed to hate him. This situation is parallel to Romeo confessing his love’ outside even though they’re supposed to be sworn enemies (1. 5. 91-109). These two scripts connect because they In another part of the song “The Sharpest Lives,” the lyrics are “Juliet loves the beat and the lust it commands. Drop the dagger and lather the blood on your hands Romeo” (NCR). This alludes to when Romeo and Juliet meet at the party.

They are so caught up in each other and their surroundings that they confuse their lust with love (1. 5. 39-50). This line also alludes to the death of the lovers. Way brings the scene of Romeo and Juliet meeting Into a more present situation by describing them meeting at a club. He sings that Romeo should drop the dagger that was intended as Romeos choice of suicide tool. Instead, he should lather the blood from the sexual cannibalism on his hands and join the other flesh-eaters (these flesh- eaters were the people having sex) on the dance floor.

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This connection to a more present version of Romeo and Gullet’s classic tale allows the reader to be able to connect with the song more as well as being able to understand these specific scenes in the actual play. The chorus of the song is also deeply inscribed with rich modernized retelling of this classic tale. “Give me a shot to remember, and you can take all the pain away from me. A kiss and I will surrender” (NCR)_ Gerard Way sings about a man taking shots of alcohol to remember how good it feels.

With Just one kiss from the girl who shines in his beer-goggled spotlight, he surrenders to her. “A light to burn all the empires, so right the sun is ashamed to rise and be In love with all of these vampires. So you can leave like the sane abandoned me” (NCR). In this section, Way sings about a girl so beautiful that not even the sun compares to her beauty. This alludes to when Romeo described Juliet as a bright angel (2. 226-9). The vampires Way sings about refers to people who spend their nights out drinking to the mint that they are lifeless and avoid the light of day.

If he is abandoned by this girl, he will Just go out again and repeat the process to feel numb again. Comparing the classic scene with a modern interpretation of the scene helps the reader or the listener understand the story of Romeo and Juliet as well as connect with the lyrics. Less mental decoding Is necessary. Works cited Way, Gerard. “The Sharpest Lives. ” Race. Spring 2006. The Sharpest Lives. My Chemical Romance. 2006. MPH. Shakespeare, William, and Alan Durban. Romeo and Juliet.

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