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Alternative Dispute Resolution Assignment

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Assignment Eluding E. Belle University of Phoenix Business Law Law 531 Julie A. Gibbons February 09, 2009 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADAIR) clauses are established to resolve differences between two parties. ADAIR clauses can be formal, such as a written process, or informal, such as a verbal agreement between both parties. The purpose of this paper is to provide an appropriate ADAIR clause that can be use by any learning team, which provides a clear path of how to resolve future disputes among team members.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Assignment
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The ADAIR clause will include all necessary information that are subject to the ADAIR clause, and all necessary provisions that will enable ADAIR to occur Innings, 2006). The following Alternative Dispute Resolution will be establish upon the principles set forth according to the University of Phoenix’s Learning Team Tool kit found on the university’s website. The team’s tool kit consists on the following: Team decision strategies; Managing Learning Team Conflict; Effective and Ethical Decisions; Sources and Solutions that addresses inflicts; and Conflicts and Cohesion in groups (University of Phoenix, n.

. ). In order to maintain a strict set of standards of conduct, every team member must read and abide by the University of Phoenix’s Student Code of Conduct found on the student website (University of Phoenix, n. D. ). The agreement is to be set forth through a Team Charter and all team members will have the opportunity to outline the expectations of the team.

In the Team Charter the following will e outlined: all members will provide a reasonable way to be in contact; the member’s expectations of the team; how conflict resolution will be addressed; and an alternative dispute resolution agreement when mutual agreement is not achieved. In the case where an agreement is not reached, the instructor reserves the right to direct the group to the team charter. This decision made by the instructor is final and cannot be disputed, unless it breaches the contract between the University of Phoenix and the student’s rights.

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