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Alternative Medicine – Muscle Stimulation: Slendertone

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    Company Profile What is SLENDERTONE Electronic Muscle stimulation( EMS) was developed for medical use. A common application of EMS is the rehabilitation of muscle after accident or stroke. The effect of EMS is similar to regular exercise of muscles. Slendertone was developed to enable healthy users to “exercise” muscles without having to do any exercise. By remaining seated, lying down or even minor cores, users could get a benefit of a rigorous workout. Brief history: Slendertone originally was developed by a company called BMR in 1968.

    The company moved from England to the tax-free zone in Shannon in that year. Kevin McDonnell who supplied the BMR with printed circuit boards for four years was a creditor of BMR, and he wanted to buy the remaining assets of the company that went into liquidation. The deal included the ownership of company’s brand names, Neuro Tech and Slendertone. Then he reestablished the business in an old factory in the industrial estate outside Bunbeg . He was very determined to attain one of his greatest goals: “to develop Slendertone into a world-class brand”.

    Within a few weeks McDonnell and five employees had begun production. Recently company adapted new marketing strategy devised by Brian O’ Donohoe, the Managing director of Slendertone. Company structure: Slendertone is a world leader in providing products that improve muscle tone and body shape. The company produced the first toning belt to be cleared for market by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), all products are classified under the European Medical Device Directive and won the Irish Consumer Goods Export Award in 2005. Slendertone has sold over 2. million toning belts worldwide. Slendertone products are designed, manufactured and marketed by BMR (Bio-Medical Research) Ltd an international company headquartered in Galway, Ireland. BMR has two divisions – Slendertone and Neurotech. BMR NeuroTech and products are for the treatment of muscle disorders and are focused on medical needs, while Slendertone is for satisfying cosmetic needs. Infrastructure and resources: BMR has been manufacturing electrical muscle stimulation equipment for more than 40 years and is constantly evaluating and expanding its product range.

    McDonnell reinvested all his earning in the business. Research into biomedical technology with a view to developing new product, consumed much of his limited investment resources. The production facilities were also being upgraded: The company acquired a new and much larger factory in the Bunbeg industrial estate. McDonnell always believed that new product development was the key to future growth. By using distributors to develop export markets he focused his limited resources developing better products.

    Legend has it that Kevin McDonnell puts everything the company had on the back of a lorry and moved it all from its then Shannon base to Donegal where the Slendertone range is manufactured today. Products: Slendertone Company made six types of products dividing the products into two gender related terms Male and Female. The product list is given below. Male: System Abs Male €169. 99 Results in 4 weeks Flex Max Male €149. 99 Results in 6 weeks Flex Male €79. 9 Results in 8 weeks Female: System Abs Female €169. 99 Results in 4 weeks Flex Max Female €149. 99 Results in 6 weeks Flex Female €79. 99 Results in 8 weeks Professional experience: Slendertone is a subsidiary company of Bio-Medical Research Ltd (BMR) backed by over 40 years of experience. BMR manufactures electrical stimulation products of medical device quality, supported by strong, clinical evidence and subjected to controlled product trials.

    Thousands of doctors and physiotherapists rely on BMR products every day and they help improve the lives of over 200,000 patients every year. Every product undergoes the same rigorous research and development process, so when people choose Slendertone product, they can be confident that it has been developed and manufactured to the highest standards and has proven to be safe and effective in repeated clinical trials. Team of scientists and R&D experts work closely with both local and International Universities to conduct sophisticated clinical trails.

    It includes the University of Wisconsin, the University of Limerick, Loughborough University, the University of Ulster, Jordanstown and University College Dublin. The team of researchers and developers has expertise in exercise science, electronics, mechanical engineering and embedded software. Working closely with local and international universities in sophisticated R&D programs, BMR has brought many patented products to market. Employees: McDonnell started his production just with 5 employees. Slendertone is made in Bunbeg in Co Donegal where 150 people were employed.

    Another 60 people work at BMR’s head office and research and development operation in Galway. The company also employs 80 people in Germany, 60 in the US and 25 in the UK. BMR is growing rapidly and plans to increase employment to around 420. Major investors: McDonnell bought out Slendertone in 1991 when the company went into liquidation. So the major investments are all made by McDonnell to rescue the nearly obsolete company and transform the company into a profitable business. Mission Statement: Slendertone is now a very successful company with very strong mission statement.

    Their mission is not to only become a world class brand but also to become the market-led. Britain is the top market for Slendertone now, where the product is sold in 1,300 Boots stores, among others. Next comes France, then Spain, with Ireland way down the list. “BMR is an Irish company and an international success story,” says Mr Kennedy, whose role as chief operations officer of BMR means he has overall responsibility for the Slendertone and NeuroTech operations. “At Slendertone the focus has been changed from research and development to being market-led,” Mr.

    Kennedy comments. Marketing Strategies : Slendertone was originally developed by the company BioMedical Research Ltd. (BMR). BMR’s Marketing Department in Galway works on new product development and market development. BMR has developed a strong expertise in direct marketing, where they have invested heavily in Ireland and the UK in direct marketing campaigns. BMR’s main channels of distribution consist of TV (short form and long form), retail, catalogues, direct press and data base marketing. BMR has distribution subsidiaries in the US, Germany, Japan, and France.

    All international sales of Slendertone were handled by small local distributors or companies with diverse product interests. The first new product development by Slendertone was in 1993, Gymbody8. For Gymbody8, home use marketing strategies included mail order catalogs, small advertisement in the print media, and a very limited number of retail outlets. After a few months of lackluster sales performance the French distributor tried American style Direct Response- “Infomercial”, a 30 minute chat show featuring interviews with celebrities and ordinary person, which produced immediate results.

    The French promotional strategies also included wide use of direct response (DR) advertisements in print media. With the exception of home markets, all the sales of Slendertone were through distributors. According to them, retail sales, would require too much explanation by the sales staff. So retail was very limited to pharmacies and sports stores. When the Direct response worked well for France and Ireland, their focus of Sales strategy switched from developing local distributor to DR television opportunities.

    Then they decided to target “Home shopping” companies that buy TV times in many countries and broadcast a range of direct response programming. Also Direct shop broadcasted the infomercial along side the car care products, kitchen gadgets and most importantly fitness products and exercisers. The timing was late at night or early in the morning. Direct shop also had very liberal customer returns policy. One of the critical success factor of the direct response approach was believed to be the way it allowed the company representatives to explain clearly how the product worked.

    Direct response also allowed the company to develop an extensive customer database that could be used to market other products the company would develop in future. Their promotional strategies included advertisements in magazines; distributing “Bounty bags” that included baby related products in maternity ward, money off voucher along with specially designed brochure explaining how EMS works on body. After the completion of 30th year of existence, a special 30th Anniversary logo was featured on promotional literature to give the buyers assurance of long term company marketing support.

    They even used some tacky tactics –featuring topless models alongside sensational claims for the products, advertised using the term effortless exercise and also used endorsements. After 1996, the sales started to decline in France and they decided to lay off some of the temporary workers. Then in UK again DR activities and some Public Relation activities were undertaken. After these sluggish sales they realized more marketing was needed. Then they started to think about it from customer perspective and presented the product as – “the most effective and convenient appearance solution”.

    Managing director of the company, O’Donohoe stated that- Slendertone is about appearance, not health. He stressed the core need to look good. They tried to remove the gadget image associated with Slendertone and repositioned it with a new slogan- “Living life and loving it” By 1999, when they saw even more deteriorating sales and condition they stopped targeting those earlier niches prenuptial , postnatal and believed in keeping Slendertone message focused rather than having different market segments.

    They started emphasizing promoting their brand Slendertone and used Branded house strategy that is giving the products corporate brand name along with their individual product name. So, Gymbody8 became Slendertone Body, Face Up became Slendertone Face etc. Finally, they put greater emphasis on developing retail channels. But they believe that – the focus on retail does not mean the end of direct marketing. They see direct marketing continuing to play vital role in developing the newer markets. They have no plan to compete on price with the lower quality producers instead they will try to provide customers greater total value at higher price.

    Issues of Slendertone regarding their marketing strategies: Earlier it has been discussed which steps Slendertone used to expand their market. Specific techniques were applied by Slendertone to hold their market position, but on the other hand there were many issues of their marketing techniques which risen up negative impression to create their superior brand image as they have mentioned it was their ultimate goal. The issues will be discussed under some criteria regarding the case sectors. Location: Mr. Mcdonell shifted the factory on the industrial state outside Bunbeg.

    It was situated in a remote place nearby coastal village in the Gaeltacht region on northwest Dongel. This place was a remote place, so it can be assumed that it was really very difficult for any reestablishing company to maintain their supply chain and also distribution chain. So, they may had to experience high transportation cost due to its distant location. Vision: • Mr. McDonell was holding a very high vision to make Slendertone a world class brand. He would like to make Slendertone a popular brand like diet Pepsi.

    The brand was facing “Gadget” image which was very ordinary impression regarding to their vision. • On the other hand Mr. McDonnell only focused to enhance the product quality by researching and most of investment put on biomedical technology to build a new product. As a first step it was good but in a long run it might cause some problems which were found after further study. Product: • So far, Slendertone manufactured only one product under their brand that is Gymbody 8. • Two other product they manufactured named Minibody and Intone, but none of them used Slendertone logo because of their low priced feature.

    This was an inappropriate step taken by Slendertone because irrespective of the situation they were facing in the market, they must had to increase their brand popularity by introducing umbrella brands. • Even when they have introduced Gymbody 8 the initial sales was very low due lack of brand awareness and promotional activities. • Another fact underlying regarding product uncertainty rose about using units and placing pads correctly. Also it is noticeable that customers had to face hassle during attaching the pads to the units which shows lack of convenience. Distribution:

    After reestablishing the company BMR had followed the same distribution channel with some new distributors. Some important factors were found which played very negative role regarding their distribution channels. • All sales of Slendertone were through distributors except of home-market. Since the investments being made in research and production, the company’s marketing resources were very limited, they thought it could develop new market for Slendertone more cost-effectively and quickly. Most of the distributors working from their home due to their small operations. On the other side BMR was very much liberal to their distributors which gave them chance to do business with diverse product interests (including an oil importer and a garden furniture dealer). • Distributors could not invest in a large scale to develop market. Instead of boosting their sales, distributors were trying to cover their lack of efficiency by blaming legal restrictions and cultural factors. • Due to lack of secondary data for the EMS product class, and the distributor reluctance to share sales data with Slendertone, it was hard to determine what market share different companies had.

    Also, lack of data made it difficult to determine the size of the existing market for EMS products in each company. • Beside that French distributor was becoming more demanding with regard to margins, product development and pricing strategy. • On the other side they are also using self made promotion which was not authorized by the parent company such as Tacky advertisement some advertising featured topless models alongside sensational claims for the products effectiveness, “ effortless exercise”, “the equivalent of 240 sit ups in just 40 minutes, while watching TV”.

    Another problem we have seen from the distributors that they were not interested at all about the professional market. • Distributors made little effort to develop the professional market where the retail price of a single Slendertone product is over 4000 pound. Direct response and direct model: • Management then thought of direct marketing which could bring immediate response but DR activities were restricted in some of the countries ( for example- German). For this reason they could not reach many markets.

    Infomercial proved to be successful in some countries but still the initial cost of producing infomercial around the globe was a constraint. • Misperception that DR activities worked well for Ireland and France so it will also work for other markets too. For this reason they switched from the local distributors to securing DR television opportunities. • Then they made a contract with Direct Shop to promote their product. But Direct Shop was maintaining sequel of high margin company like other home shopping companies for this the outcome of Slendertone was coming less 25% of the retail price of Gymbody 8. It is also noticeable that the time factor of this show, it was late at night or early in the morning. This is also a vital issue that indicates that many users remain not notified due to awkward timing. • Also Direct shop broadcasted the infomercial along side the car care products, kitchen gadgets and most importantly fitness products. • It is also noticeable that Direct shop also had very liberal customer returns policy. For this reason this resulted in return rates of product from customers as 35% and very often found that outer packaging had not opened by the purchasers.

    Direct Shop also returned much unsold products when those products were not selling. • It has also been found that during turmoil condition Direct shop began to broadcast across Europe at a lower price than the distributors were charging for it locally. More over people thought that infomercials were very much interesting and entertaining but still few thought it was “False looking” presentation. Retail market: Even though Slendertone’s distributors were looking forward for individual users but they did not secure their retail market efficiently.

    For this reason outcome from retail market was very low. Instead of securing retail distribution they went on direct marketing. They also did not follow any definite strategy for developing retail channels. They only included pharmacies and sports shop in their retail market list. Customer’s feedback: After studying the various situations it is found that BMR had also done research on customer’s feedback which included some negative issues regarding customer’s attitude. • Even though number of favorable outcome came from the customers still there was some dissatisfaction like “It’s not very effective”.

    On the other side some customers remained silent regarding to provide feedback. Many people thought that the presentations were very much “A bit over the top” and “False-looking” • Low long term Use of the product was confirmed by the low levels of replacement sales as they are used with home use units to apply the current to the body and needed to be replaced after 35-40 uses. The other issues raised were -uncertainty about using the unit, placing pads correctly on your body and certain amount of hassle attaching those pads to the unit. At some point, consumer hold a perception of Slendertone as being representing “Older technology” as one of its competitor Ultratone positioned itself as offering “Newer Technology- more effective, more faster and easier. • But the burning issue is customers remain very conservative during buying process and for this reason there were no buzz marketing happening, people remained silent about the usage of Slendertone to enhance their beauty. It revealed a sensitive nature of purchase, where consumers may reluctant to reveal about usage of the Slendertone, they wanted to maintain a level of privacy.

    Target Market: Selecting the target market of Slendertone revealed some critical issues. ? At first the target market of Slendertone was defined to be women between the ages of 25 to 55. Here the mistake was that they made sector and did not properly divide it into segments for example – young-youthful, young affluent or elderly- affluent or elderly middle classed. ? Men were defined as niche segment for their product, whereas they could be huge segment for Slendertone. ? They ignored the group joining gym and fitness centers (muscle builders mainly).

    Also they avoided targeting those people who already were in shape but were health conscious and interested in building toned body. ? They planned for potential demand for each country was calculated on the basis of size of the target market and the niche segments in that country. When target market was not set properly then any calculation based on it would also not give appropriate measures. Positioning: ? Slendertone left a very confused positioning as it was variously associated with dieting, exercising, weight loss health, fitness, toning and body shaping.

    The company failed to create a unique positioning about the brand in the minds of the consumers. ? Slendertone was the market leader – this was the biggest misperception as the research found out that Slendertone had a 70% of the home used EMS market and Slendertone’s market share had been only a fraction of that figure. ? Managing director of the company, O’Donohoe stated that- Slendertone is about appearance, not health- which is another source that can put negative associations in consumers’ mind and again can raise credibility and assurance issues.

    His statement “most people work out to look good rather than to be healthy” is strictly contradictory as majority of people reduces weight and exercises for physical and mental fitness. ? Repositioning the brand using the message or slogan- “living life and loving it” can again create a stereotyping image of the brand. That is- if you are toned you are living and loving your life. ? The “ infomercials’ and all the promotional strategies never could remove the gadget image from the Slendertone Myopic management: • BioMedical Research ltd. BMR) is admittedly a product oriented company. The focus of the company is to produce Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) units and reinvest the earnings back into the business to develop new products. • The owner of BMR, Kevin McDonnell, feels that new product development is the key to future growth. The problem with this is that a business should be seen as a means of satisfying customers’ wants and needs and not a product producing process. In focusing his efforts on producing products, Mr. Mc Donnell is neglecting to properly market his products. They are identifying that Slendertone message should be focused rather than having different messages for different segment of the market. They are continuously focusing on their product rather than identifying the core need underlying different people. they are too much product oriented which leads to marketing myopia, even though they try hard to get rid of this. Product development: In the section of product development Slendertone introduced few products along with Minibody, intone brands such as Bustyler, The Face up, Celluforme under Slendertone brand.

    But very little market research was conducted by the company while developing these products and maintains the criteria determined by French distributor which seems unnecessary costing. Competition: • Increasing bad competition continued to put pressure on price. The competitor products tended to be of much poorer in quality but not necessarily cheaper to buy. • Later some low quality products having similar type of name ( Gymshape 8) was launched and priced lower than Gymbody8. So, from 1993 to the beginning of 1996, it dropped the retail price to compete with the lower priced, lower quality EMS products. To meet those cheaper range product’s need by the distributors the produced some products which did not have Slendertone logo anywhere. SELECTING ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS Slendertone raised a lot of issues against its product, target market, position, promotion, distribution as well as brand awareness. By improving their strategies in different aspects it can improve or regain its company’s image and market position to some extent. Following alternative solutions might help – 1. Promotional solutions:

    Regarding the issues of Slendertone’s promotion they can simply apply integrated marketing communication to get out of the barrier of direct model marketing. The can take underneath demonstrated steps to get rid from their myopic marketing strategy. • First of all they have to make some general television commercials regarding their positioning beside their infomercials. To generate superior brand image they have to focus on their TVC much more because people will know about the product and the core benefit of the product. Also they can carry on their infomercials beside TVC to generate their sales by through the direct response. They can also place some billboard advertisements and print media ads near of fitness centers and fitness magazines. By this they can aware people about their product’s effects for health conscious people and also those people who want to keep them in ripped tone. • They can also apply product placement strategy to aware people about their popularity. • From the perspective of sales promotion they can go for premiums, free trials and warranties because this special sales promotion will create a good relationship marketing which will enhance their brand image and product knowledge. On the other side they can do some sponsorships of fitness program where the program will show after finishing workout people can use Slenderton products to tone up their body. • From public relation perspective slenderton can maintain efficient corporate communication with some beauty salons, fitness centers where they will provide them the knowledge about Slenderton and also push them to use this product to keep better physic. They can also do public relation activity through press conferences and speeches where executives of the company will say about their product and usage benefits. In the contrast to direct marketing they can provide some point of purchases. In the point of purchase center people will get free trials and well demonstrations of the product which will grow their interest. Beside this they can also provide excellent internet service where people can customize their product and can buy through the internet. Infomercials will also give some ways to direct market and help customers to buy after watching the infomercials. • They can also blend these promotional activities to create their brand image and reach their desired target customers. . Target marketing and positioning solutions: Regarding Slendertone’s issues about their target market and positioning they can apply these solutions to expand their market and place their product in secure evoked set of consumers mind: • They can select their target market by segmenting geographically because geographical segmentation plays a vital role regarding the international marketing perspective. • After selecting geographic segmentation they can choose to segment by demographics where they can target male and female gender between the ages of 18 to 60. They can also do psychographic segmentation where they will target achievers and experiencers from high resources zone because these people will try to involve with new products as they seek achievement and experience. They can also select strivers from low recourses category because these people tend to be more fun loving and likes to take chance to better their life when they have some material wealth. • On the other hand they can target those people who have already in a good shape but want to keep them in well tone as a niche market beside this general target markets. From the perspective of positioning they can position their product to build a good physic without doing heavy exercises. • Also they can position their product to keep up the well toned body with minimum effort because most of the cases after building a good shape people become very much aware how to maintain their physic in the same way to look good. • They can also position Slendertone’s products as an essential instrument of exercise which will help to tone physic. Positioning products using point of parities and point of differences is another way to enhance product’s superiority. Slendertone can build up their position by showing their superior point of differences in many ways such as timing of use, effectiveness of product, method of use, packaging etc. This positioning strategy will let them regain their market share from their competitors and increase their sales rapidly. 3. Distribution solutions: Slendertone lacked in their distribution strategies, so the following solutions might help get rid of those issues that rose. If the promotional techniques are applied properly then advertising and promotion can persuade customers to ask the retailers for the product, thus inducing the intermediaries to order it other than pushing the products through intermediaries. As Slendertone thrives to achieve high brand loyalty and it requires high involvement of consumers so Pull Strategy would be better to use. • Slendertone may first think of their target market then decide the supply chain backward from that point.

    This demand chain planning approach will not just push the product through the system but emphasize what solution customers are looking for, not only what products the company is trying to sell. • Rather than providing the product through distributors they can go for retail stores and other direct response activities. Telemarketing or internet could help because it would more helpful to give a personal touch in case pf marketing a highly involved product. • Even if they use distributors they should not depend on exclusive distribution as it was in the case of Slendertone, instead pursue selective distribution.

    They depended only on exclusive distribution but could not maintain exclusive dealings that mean their distributors showed interest in selling diverse product markets. As Slendertone is an established company so it may use several numbers of intermediaries who are willing to carry their product. • Most importantly the company should control intermediaries’ behavior by using their legitimate power- which is the manufacturer requires such support and actions from the intermediaries that are warranted under the contract.

    One such important behavior would be not advertise their product on their own, the company should not empower the intermediaries to take decisions regarding advertising their product to avoid those tacky or irrelevant advertisements and negative promotions. 4. Brand equity building solution: After all of these studies Slenderton is standing at the point where they have very little brand equity in their consumers’ mind. For this reason their objective for becoming an international brand is facing many barriers to create superior brand image.

    Ultimately they are failing to get recognized by people by providing satisfaction. In this situation they can apply underneath demonstrated method to increase their brand loyalty and image. • First of all they can build their brand equity by applying Brand Asset Valuator (BAV) model. In BAV they can bring differentiation by using product strategy and relevance according to their promise. Also they can increase esteem value and clear knowledge to enhance their brand’s presence in consumers mind. They can also apply AAKER model to achieve brand equity in the perspective of Brand-as-product theory where they will mention Slenderton’s scope, attributes, quality, uses, users and origin to provide customers clear brand identity. • They can also go for BRANDZ technique to build awareness by creating presence, showing relevance, performance, and advantage and after that creating good bonding. • Also they can improve their brand image by using six brand building blocks where at the end they will accomplish their objective by creating superior brand resonance. They can also redefine their position by changing some of their brand elements like logos, symbol, slogans etc. • They can do some brand extension to achieve more market share by bringing their other products in their umbrella. As they have marketed their product for a long time people can recognize their name Slendertone and buy any extended line of the Slendertone. • They can also create some individual brands which will be using as ‘flankers’ to make people aware about their main brand’s superiority. Ultimately they can design an efficient Holistic Marketing Activities to create superior brand contact by doing personalization, integration, and internalization. Selected solution: After going through Slendertone’s various issues regarding their marketing, it has been found that they faced various critical situations. Even though there are many possible solutions available but Slendertone’s management has to apply one solution to overcome these issues. After doing all researches the situation of Slendertone notify that current situation of their brand is facing real challenges to survive or to hold their market position.

    For this reason, Slendertone should put deep concern about their brand image to build their brand equity and to regain their market share. Regarding all of the possible solutions of building brand equity, Slendertone should design a Holistic Marketing Activities to reach their ultimate goal. As the concept of holistic marketing activities deals with brand contact which delineates that each organization get reorganization from people by their every touch points. Advertising, promotional activities and other marketing strategies cannot play individually to create the brand awareness.

    For this reason, Slendertone have to use holistic marketing activities by different activities using three different tools of brand building marketing program. They are personalization, integration and internalization. Personalization: From a branding point of view, personalizing concepts involve consumers more actively with the brand to make intense and active relationships. Slendertone can build this concept by doing: • They can provide clearer instruction about their product. • Employees of Slendertone should show much more responsiveness to instruct their customers without hesitation. They can enhance their sales by doing one to one marketing through internet and direct response by providing customized products. • They can create a database of their customers by which they can contact with them easily to know about their progress and satisfaction. Integration: As far as the concern goes, to build integration, Slendertone has to make integrated marketing activity to accomplish this section. In integrated marketing actvity they have to do well marketing mix with the integrated marketing communications.

    For this reason- • Slendertone has to build their brand awareness to create superior brand image because without a positive brand image people will not show their interest to buy their products. • To build awareness Slenderton have to make a promotional mix according to the plan of promotional solutions. • They have to position their product from the distinct point of differences to play with consumers mind. • Slendertone have to make an efficient research and analysis department to invent new products, find new user, and find new target market and new promotions. They also have to involve in buzz marketing to enhance their brand’s familiarity. • They also have to create an efficient and effective communication model to achieve the goal of their promotional mix. Internalization: Slendertone has to increase their internal organization’s efficiency by applying this concept. For providing satisfaction in every touch point, impressive organizational behavior plays a vital role. So to generate superior employees’ performance they have inspire every employees, distributors and suppliers related to the organization.

    To generate this concept they have to do: • Slendertone’s executive management has to stop myopic thinking. • Slendertone has to provide specific performances according to their promise. • They have to inspire their employees by providing them bonus and premiums to work efficiently. • They also have to provide essential knowledge about their product to their employees so that they know with whom they are working. • Slendertone has to maintain a very cordial relationship with their suppliers to enhance their commitment and efficiency of the supply chain management. They have to handle their distribution channels very efficiently. Beside this they have to let them know about the process of their marketing strategy and make aware about their product. Also they have to provide incentives periodically on the basis of their sales. • Slendertone also has to involve their employees in company meetings and conferences to generate new ideas and also empower them. • Moreover Slendertone has to create an environment where employees, suppliers and distributors will feel that they are a part of the organization.

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