The Scientific Method Helped Along the Time to Solve Different Questions in Science

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Since the human been appear, use the logic and arise different questions, begins the scientific method, after years this practice evolve to what we know this age. Even when we were kids, we use this method not for scientific reasons, just to know something like when we wanted to learn something we used to do it just to know the reason by experience, senses, observations, etc.

A perfect example of this is the theory of gravity when newton asked himself, why the apple falls from the tree. he applied the scientific method, he observes the apple falling then he asked why that happened? he made the hypothesis of the questions if something threw it or it was magic he didn’t know the reason, then he made experiments and he analyzed them and finally concluded what it was a strength that pushes the objects against the floor called gravity. The scientific method helped along the time to solve different questions in science, medicine, chemistry, and different branches of science and we never know what would be the next discovery thanks to this method of investigation.

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What is the scientific method? We can say that are the systematics steps that consist of Observation, that is observing a problematic, then made and hypothesis, that is asking or making a theory of why that happened, then is experimentation that consists of producing or carry out in specific conditions the problem to observe the results of them in this step we can confirm if our hypothesis is correct, next is the analysis of the experiment when you collect the information seen on the experiment finally is the conclusion, here is where you specify the results of the experiment and give an explanation of the problem and what makes it happens.

The use of the scientific method it’s principal a tool to obtain new knowledge’s and the scientific community accepts this as a validation of a theory. Much of the discoveries that we know today started from one hypothesis that was checked with this method, is used in many branches in science, Galilei was one of the first scientists that use the experimental scientific method, and years ago another famous scientist like newton, Hume, etc.

Some of the characteristics of the scientific method are that I have to be trustworthy, accurate, critic, objective and it has to differentiate between true hypotheses to one that is fake, this helps to reduce mistakes and it makes easy earn precise results. Some reasons why it is important to use this method or importance of it is that it allows human development as a species, it searches propose, solves problems, and unknown satisfying human necessities.

Another reason why it is important is that allow scientific advances. Science is responsible for studying specific elements to achieve results from formulations and systematic problems, this is why scientific instruments have been perfected to optimize results through systematic observation, hypotheses, prediction, and experiments such as scales, telescopes, microscopes, among others. The scientific method also has as a characteristic feature of science, in pure and applied; and because of its familiarity, you can perfect by estimating the results it leads to by direct analysis. Another feature is that it is not self-sufficient, it cannot operate in a vacuum of knowledge, if not that requires some pre-knowledge.

Described from another point of view, we can say that the scientific method is the media by which we try to answer questions about the order of nature. When the scientist or investigators haven’t a good administration or don’t use the correct steps of the scientific method this one would be wrong, some of the mistakes that can commit are this; First is possible that they can skip one step if this happens the investigation can’t make sense because some information is going to be missing, another mistake is don’t put a hypothesis this make that the investigation hasn’t a direction, a hypothesis is crucial when we talk about the scientific method, one mistake related whit the hypothesis is protect it of reconstructive critics this makes the investigation less formal, when we talk about an investigation it has to be always objective to other critics.

Not defining the study subject is the most important problem that an investigation can have if the investigation does not specify the information of the object is going to be incomplete. Some limitations that the scientific method has are: The investigation depends totally on the investigator, like the quality of the information that is obtained, the orthography, and the authors’ information. Another main limitation is that sometimes the experimentation requires a lot of time some experiments involve weeks, months, or even years to get results so we can conclude that time can affect the investigation and the costs are higher too.

One problem that is common in science and all the branches related is plagiarism, data manipulation, and negligence. As we know it is easy to copy and paste the information that we earn from books, internet, etc. but we did not know that if we don’t give credit for the author we are committing plagiarism, other times it is worst it can happen that between investigators steal or don’t give credit for an investigation.

If an investigation has wrong information, and some try to do the same and used that investigation as a base and it result that is incorrect and produces an accident it commits negligence of bad use of information. The final problem is that not all the benefits are for everyone, most of them to countries with low resources sometimes, this information they do not receive it or they just not give the same importation as other countries.

I conclude that the scientific method is viable when you want to make an investigation that needs experimentation or that it is necessary to prove it. However, if you try to do it you need to know that it is not an easy task, that depends on the kind of investigation that you want to do, it can take months weeks or years so you should think it twice if you try to do it.

The scientific method is very useful when we talk about scholarly work; it can be easy to do the investigation if the problem is easy to elaborate on them and experiment with it. The benefit of using this method is that it is going to give your work more seriousness, is going to be a complete job thanks to the steps of the investigation, and is going to be truthful.


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