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Reflection Paper on Local Government Innovation

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    Personally I founder, one of these days I would Like to Institutionalized all these learning’s In Sambaing City. Sambaing City waste management system is Just a simple but always neglected Issue. Why? Because the landfill area resident in Lumberman Sambaing City are complaining about the filtration of their land. Resulting to contaminated deep well drinking water. But the local government here in Sambaing City don’t do any move on how to solve the problem. There were five (5) innovative models of local governance I had learned. . Innovation with simplicity – this type of innovation were centered on three aspects of velveteen. First is thru mobility, mobility in the sense that in order for a place to prosper make way for its mobility. Thru integrating simple traffic scheme system that can benefit all levels of society at the same time preserving the old historical structures in a particular place or city. Second is sustainability of economy, environment and society. Third is giving momentous on the identity of the community or society.

    Through giving identity emphasis people of this place will be satisfied, happy and contented. (Source: Video of Curtail, Brazil). 2. Governance is a shared responsibility. This type of innovation in local governance was exhibit in San Fernando, Panning. Where in the Mayor crafted Public Governance System. Public Governance System is a unified management system that directs the committees knowledge and efforts towards a common goal. This innovative type of governance adheres to the Theory of Public Management and Governance ” the theory of collaborative governance”.

    And because of this type of governance San Fernando Panning became the highest prepared business center by incoming Investors. All the sector in the society such as the local government, the youth, the civic organizations, media and bargain local officials were part of the progress of their city. This type of Innovation Incorporated the result based management framework In monitoring the progress of their communities. Each sectors malignant a Balance Scorecard that measures and monitor the progress contributed by each member of the society.

    In line with this goal was the rehabilitation of the San Fernando Panning River. That goes with It the relocation of the Illegal duels of the river bank. And the infrastructures in form of houses, cemented road, schools and processing of the waste materials in their locality. The bargain levels collected garbage and processed it into organic compose and the likes. As one of the bargain official says “The environment is clean, fresh air is abundant and sceneries are apex”. Source: Galling Book 2010) 3. Constituent Responsive Governance. Pulse of the People was the vital tool for governance”. This innovative local government system Nas scientifically designed thru survey research of citizen feedback system. According to Governor Josephine Deal Cruz of Vulcan. This system of survey is where Ho get the true feeling of the people and using the results or outcome of the survey In making decisions on policy and program. Then it’s actually, systematically, scientifically listening to what your people or constituents want. The theory of good governance exhibited here is the peoples’ participation.

    Thru participation of people the rules were made flexible for institutionalizing changes, which is the product from the results output of the various surveys made. On the other hand the continued monitoring of the progress as to whether the constituents are satisfied or Nell informed of the present program etc. The constant evaluation and monitoring adheres to the principle of predictability. (Source: Galling Book) 4. Design a Program for the locality which will cultivate a better world. As explained in the animation of sustainability.

    It means the things can keep going and sustain themselves and continue into the future and go on forever. We have to design an innovation in the governance that abide to the four basic principle “Care Instruction” of the earth Ordered by 4 Sweden Scientist). The 1st principle is Reduce our Dependence on fossil fuels and heavy metals. This theory was use by the American Marine Assigned the battle field of Middle East. They innovated an energy saving solar energy system for their source of energy or electricity and a shaded tents that directly use the solar energy for their laptops etc.

    Which reduces they consumption of foreign oil. They even find innovative way of purifying stagnant water for consumable drinking Neater. The 2nd principle is to Reduce our dependence on the synthetic chemicals that is persistence in nature. Example of these chemicals are the pesticides, fungicide, herbicides, inorganic fertilizer, aerial sprays for vast plantations of banana, chemical Roth stimulant for broiler chicken etc. All of these chemicals are persistence in nature because it doesn’t degrade into its elemental nature.

    It forms a residual compounds that can cause cancer and many other side effect to human, animals, plants and soil surfaces. The 3rd principle is to Reduce our destruction of nature. Ere present phenomenal catastrophes some places experiences such as the Flood of Canaan De ROR to Allan to ‘align are the products or results of decades of human destruction of nature. Lastly to Ensure we are not stopping people globally from eating their needs. The first world country law on tariff and trade “WTFO” is in a way hindering us Philippines from competing in the world trade activity.

    Why? Because their farmers are subsidies while our Filipino farmers are not. The products we produce here in the Philippines cost higher compared to their products. We can’t freely compete in the world market. Considering Philippines is an Agricultural country. In our quest for innovation in the local government, we have to make sure En are completely dependent upon. Earth is a system and everything is connected society, environment and economy. To live sustainable we need to follow all the four care instruction in everything we do at work and at home.

    So that the earth’s capacity of giving us services such as clean air, water and food will be sustained. (Source: Video, Meaning of Sustainability animation). 5. Mapped out a Master Development Plan in your locality area or city. Crafting a Master Development Plan in a city, will address the economic base while addressing diversify other economic issues. Such Master Development Plan will serve as guiding tool for the local government, institution and private sector of the city for the development policies and also on the support services like health, education and all the daily basic needs of the city and its constituents.

    Example of this local government innovation is the MAD of San Carols Negroes. MAD development board is the country’s only prided organization mandated to oversee local development to help the city shipped from sugar base economy to a agric-industrial commerce. Environmental protection has become a priority. (Source: Galling Book 2010). For a local government innovate as crafted in MAD, smooth continuity of the orgasm had to go on from past local government administration to the present. Ere principle of Public Private Partnership was evidently applied in San Carols Negroes MAD.

    It was a hard work of both the private sector and the local government that helps its city realized and enjoy the present economy, environmental sustainability and social capital. Mayor J. Learner of Curtail, Brazil. During his term he Innovated the local government old structural culture of policy, decision making. He innovated it into a flexible culture, it’s simple but his priority was to develop an entrepreneurial scheme type of government, such as the traffic scheme solution, the public sector reform such as the incentive & reward system on their city’s waste management system.

    He developed as innovation of co-equal responsibility. For every recyclable waste, there will be equivalent of fruits and vegetables. This policy is good example of the theory of New Public Management. In his quest for better quality of life of his constituents such as the slum people. He applied the theory of Network Governance, and in the formulation of his vision of extensive networks of park. He was able to give complete facilities and housing to the slum people. Network governance adheres to this situation.

    The Slum people were trained and later become the large manpower in building their own houses. The city engineers and architects deliver their services for free. All the basic necessities were provided on the relocation area. Mayor J. Learner value the citizens solidarity. He said that if you Ant to gain your people trust. You have to have a general view of the city and its people. Make life better for people so that the city will be a better place for your people. The extensive network of park he designed serves a recreational area etc. Or the Curtains. And as an inhabitant of sheep, fish, ducks, birds and plants. It’s like a paradise in a small city. No wonder the ecological footprints of Curtail for each people is higher. Thus, sustainability theory was also applied here. Lastly his way of simplicity in policy making, decision making exhibits the Ethical Governance. As I reflected from all the theories, local government innovation etc. I hope someday I can system and on cultural inequality as well as innovation on national power system.

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