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An Interview with My Classmates

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An Interview with My Classmates

As Adam Cooper once quoted, “You don’t need fancy highbrow traditions or money to really learn. You just need people with the desire to better themselves.” Education is a never ending process. Everyday we learn new things, explore new horizons, and try new things. In the course of action, we learn different things from our day to day life. As an international student, I am certain that getting education is not an easy task, but as the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.

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An Interview with My Classmates
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”  Through education, I can prepare myself for a better future since my knowledge will be broadened. I believe that if we work hard and do our best, there is no such thing as difficult. We will be  able to meet our highest expectations. Thus, the guarantee of a brighter tomorrow is more compromising.

This summer I have decided to enroll in this class to pursue more education. There is this inner motivation that keeps on pushing me to learn more, to live life to the fullest.

I am not mistaken when I have chosen this school since the teachers and students here are really interesting, friendly and substantial people. Definitely they are remarkable individuals.

As a part of the challenge, we, the students of this class should improve our English speaking ability in a small amount of time. I know that this is not an easy task, but with determination and perseverance, I believe nothing is impossible. I just have to take things one step at a time. To further exercise and develop my communication ability, I have interviewed four of my classmates: Mary, Tara, Larkish, and Melissa.

Mary is the oldest in the class. She is forty-six years old, married with two kids. She grew up in Pasadena, Maryland with most of her family still living there. Given the time and opportunity, Mary tries to visit them as often as possible. Through I have only known Mary for quite sometime, I am sure she is a very nice person. Her enthusiasm, strong determination, commitment, and ambition will surely maker her dream job to being an office administrator a reality.

Another student I met is Tara. She lives in Millsboro. Tara is enrolled in nursing school and wants to be CAN. She has an older married brother who lives in Japan. She gives me the impression of being a very hardworking and intelligent type of person. I am pretty sure she will achieve everything what she is striving for because she has a great personality and a lot of positive qualities. Good luck Tara

Larkish, also one of my classmates is only twenty years old. Two years ago, she finished her secondary school in Indian River High School.  Most of the time she is at home, studying. She loves music, reading, and she is an outgoing person. Presently, she is still deciding what major to take, and instead of wasting her time doing nothing, she is enrolled in summer classes to be more productive.

Lastly, Melissa. She is originally from Ohio but now she lives in Delaware. She is twenty-five years old and a mother of three. I think that any woman that can raise three children can achieve her goals as well. Having a family is a hard work; a lot of time and sacrifices. She has the best of worlds, having a wonderful family and studying to enrich her personality. No wonder Melissa is a woman of worth and substance, just like Mary, Tara, and Larkish. I am so glad that I have met them.

For all of us students, I want to share with you a quote that I strongly believe in, ”Education is the guidance of the individual towards a comprehension of the art of life; and by the art of life I mean the most complete achievement of varied activity expressing the potentialities of that living creature in the face of its actual environment.” I hope that we ill be able to achieve this kind of education that we are hoping and striving for.


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Thanks a lot and have a nice day. May you learn more. Good luck.


QuotationsPage.com and. (2000). Education Quotes – The Quotations Page. Retrieved June 24, 2007, from http://www.quotationspage.com/subjects/education/

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