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Learning from classmates

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Learning from Classmates From this class I had the opportunity to meet my classmates as well as them helping me write better papers. Every time we get the chance to peer edit, I sometimes get different types of response on my papers from my classmates. These responses help give me a better idea in how I can improve my papers. For example, things they write down in how I need to transition my next paragraph or sometimes, a paragraph might need to be more in depth.

In addition it gives me and idea of how people view my writing and what I need to change.

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Learning from classmates
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After peer editing I receive moments about grammars or spelling mistakes on my paper. When I get the chance to peer edit, this helps me understand and it gives me ideas in different writing technique. Such as writing better sentences and to see what other readers see in your paper, which can be a totally different view that I might have had to offer.

I also learn new words in the process of editing their papers! I also like the fact we have different types of partners to peer edit. This way it gives you different options in other classmates.

Top of that on if your first classmate misses n error on your paper; the next peer editor might have opportunity to correct any mistakes. This is a great way to help advance my papers. This also is helpful from having extra help and thoughts of questions I can ask for when I go to the writing lab. I like the advantage of taking the time In class In where I can apply my productivity. Plus, when we have to write our final papers, I can look back at all my rough drafts and see comments and corrections made on my previous papers. And this Is what the peer editing Is for, to help finalized our last paper.

In the mornings, listening to my classmate’s papers read their papers help me listen and become imaginative. This Is great because I get to apply this through my papers In learning to be able to create this Imaginative Image. This Is Information that Is taken to another level. I get to learn something more about my classmates from them Just reading their Journals and vice versa. And they also get to learn something about me. Nevertheless, It Is great when we get relate about discussions In class. Not only do you get to hear student’s thoughts and view, we also get to hear Houghton and opinions from the professor.

When the professors ask students certain questions on a discussion topic, I get to hear different pollens and thoughts from other fellow classmates. I start developing Ideas and brainstorming In how I can add on to the discussions. I believe this Is also a great way of getting know your classmates as a whole. By getting one more Involved this helps me become more attentive and Interested. Nowadays, It Is all about who you know and not only what you know. So, being able to network all together Is a fun and more of social and physical way of learning.

Providing a great relationship with others that can possibly benefit my future. Interaction among the class Is a great tool of excelling our learning ablest as students. This way I am really learning and not boring myself out. This also beneficial In getting to one another and become more familiar with different writing techniques. Someday I may meet someone from this class through a future Job opportunity. I believe In socializing and being able to Interact with one another am able to have more future classes such as this class, to have opportunities to work with other students more often by learning from my peers.

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