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Psychology Teacher Interview

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Antonio ThorntonEducational PsychologyTeacher Interview #6 I interviewed a teacher from the Philadelphia School District and here is the result from my interview.I am a teacher in the head start program of Philadelphia .I have been with the head start program for 10yrs. I see children younger than kindergarteners with special needs. I see this problem not only with education but behavioral. Children with special problems can learn. You have to know how to deal with children period. Regular children and special educational children all learn.

Special educational children know exactly what theyre doing just as well as regular children. The teachers involvement with the process is the teachers observes the children than fills out an application or suggest that this student needs some type of help if its with speech, or any other problem.

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Psychology Teacher Interview
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In head start we have physiologist who get children mental health together and evaluate the children. They do a test and it is evaluated with staff and parents or guardian of the child.

We are involved in the Early Invention Programs. This program is even for younger children with behavioral problems and we get help from a supportive staff.

ProsCons1.Test1.The terminology they slow the 2.Free (help)staff uses with parents.

2. Not enough people to provide services.

3. Therapist does not follow upyear to year4. Dedication from pre k-12 grade5. Parents dont show confidence in their childMy opinion on issue special education. We as teachers and therapist really need to take our jobs serious. They are children all over the world that need help. Parents should not feel embarrassed when a teacher ask you as a parent if you think your child need any type of help. I have a problem as a teacher with special children. My opinion is all children are special in there own way. Special education is not only for children that have some problems. Special education is also for mentally gifted children.

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