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An Unforgettable Experience

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When I was young, my siblings and I was quarrel with one another for some trivial matters. My father was sick and got tires of our irrational behavior. One day he said seriously,” tomorrow we was attend the Ray Home Sports Day. You must go with me. Perhaps you can learn a thing or two from those children. ” My brother laughed crudely. “Dad,” he said. ” Ray is a home for disabled children. What can us learn from them? ” “ You will see,” dad replied grimly.

My father works as volunteer at Ray, a home for physically disabled children.

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An Unforgettable Experience
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Some of the children have problems walking, while the others encounter problems with their hands, speech or hearing. My father is an seasoned physiotherapist. Every day, he spends a couple of hours helping needs to move or exercise their limbs. The following day, we children kept on complaining a great deal as my dad fetched us to Ray Home. When we reached our destination, we found a shady place to sit and watch the interesting events whilst my father went off to see whether those children needed his assistance.

Even before the first-started, my siblings and I had already begun to have a row among ourselves. The other spectators hushed us as the event was started. It was a 50-metre race to see who could run the fastest. All the participants were physically disabled. As the race started, all the children moved as fast as their legs could carry them. Just then, one of the girls accidentally slipped and fell down. She began to cry at the top of her voice. Without further ado, all the participants stopped on the spot. Some helped the poor girl to her feet.

Others rubbed the sand off on her knees and clothes. Then, they held their hands tightly and headed towards the finishing spot simultaneously. My siblings and I were completely shocked at their behavior. The children were not interested at all in the wining against each other. As the children reached the finishing line, the spectators rose to their feet and offered them a standing ovation. We siblings found ourselves cheering as loudly as the rest. All the sports events ended as the first. The children wished to ive a normal life. They wanted to run, jump, skip and play even. Nevertheless, they did not want to compete with one another. They were utterly loving, caring and adorable. Most of the time, some would stop and wait for the others to catch up. The crowd clapped and cheered excitedly. It was indeed beautify, unforgettable experience of true love and caring. As per normal, my siblings and I continue to quarrel but less and less often. That fateful and unforgettable day at Ray Home taught us lesson that we never forgot.

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