Unique And Unforgettable Singapore City

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The author of this passage is a fourteen-year-old who has lived in Singapore their whole life. They describe Singapore as a treasure that should be valued, with lush greenery, justice, and freedom. Despite the hectic lifestyle, the author finds pleasure in the people and solitude. They live in a luxurious high-rise condo but believe the true value of Singapore cannot be bought. The author takes the crowded subway to school where they see a diverse mix of people, including Indians, Chinese, Malays, and Eurasians. They feel safe with their fellow Singaporeans and enjoy dining in Little India. The author reflects on the bonds between Singaporeans despite their differences and declares their love for Singapore as their home.

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Singapore, with its abundant vegetation, embodies more than just the beauty of nature and concepts of equality and freedom. It holds a significant significance for me and signifies righteousness and liberation. For me, Singapore is as precious as gold – a valuable gem that should be cherished. Despite its small size, Singapore possesses remarkable attributes in a world brimming with variety. Life in Singapore may be fast-paced and overwhelming but also provides the delight of human company and the calmness of being alone. It is a harmonious fusion of favorable and unfavorable aspects.

I am a fourteen-year-old teenager, born and raised in Singapore. I live in a high-rise condominium worth at least S$ 2 000 000, which offers stunning views of the city’s illuminated areas through its balcony. From there, I can see towering tropical trees that provide shade for people from all backgrounds. Singapore, also known as the Lion City, boasts vibrant and dazzling flowers that shine under the sunlight during the day and the moonlight at night. The soft breeze caresses my face before swiftly disappearing. The value of my house corresponds to this substantial amount.

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However, Singapore cannot be purchased; it holds a significance beyond being a mere location. It is my beloved homeland. A typical day begins with a bustling commute on the subway to school, where individuals compete and exhibit their “kiasu” mindset. As I navigate through the throng of people, I take note of the cheerful expressions on my fellow Singaporeans’ faces, which uplift my spirits. Inadvertently, I brushed against an absorbed Chinese middle-aged man engrossed in reading a Chinese newspaper. Nevertheless, something enticed me and seized my focus.

A beautiful sari adorning an Indian lady caught my eye as it shimmered under the subway’s dim light. Amongst my friends at school, we were a diverse group consisting of Indians, Chinese, Malays, and Eurasians, creating a sense of belonging and safety. After school, my friends and I headed to Little India to indulge in a mouthwatering meal at Sakunthalas, our favorite restaurant. As we eagerly placed our orders, the sight of the delectable food caused all of us to salivate in anticipation.

The pleasant scent assaulted our sense of smell as we savored our meal in the calming atmosphere. Following a satisfying lunch, I returned home, taking the familiar subway route, only to find myself among a new crowd of individuals. An older gentleman was on his way to work, adjusting his tie and making sure his glasses sat comfortably on his nose. Another woman, dressed in elegant formal attire, was passionately engaged in a phone conversation, seemingly oblivious to the presence of others.

A small chuckle escaped my mouth as I reflected about my country. Here I live, on this tiny island, together with so many people from other religions and races. I thought about our similarities and differences and the bonds between all fellow Singaporeans. What brings us together despite the obvious differences? I shrugged my shoulders and looked up at the Merlion that stood dynamic on the ground. “I love you Singapore. This is my home, where I belong.” I smiled with satisfaction as I sung my favourite song: My Home.

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