Unforgettable Vacation Narrative Essay

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This was about two years ago when my family and I visited my mom’s side of the family in Sweden as usual. Wake up to the smell of my grandma’s delicious coffee and the wonderful smell of eggs and sausage for breakfast. Don’t struggle to get out of bed in my grandmas warming apartment as remembered that it was the day my family and I go out for our trip to Italy, France, and Germany! All our bags were packed and we were ready to get in my uncle’s big silver car that smelled like Breeze. Before my family and I left we were saying our goodbyes and giving UT our hugs and kisses to my grandma who was wishing us a fun and safe trip.

Sitting in the back of the car with my hair blowing back with the windows down as I stared observing all the stunning diverse things as we entered Italy! The smell in Italy is so much cleaner and fresher than in America. As my Uncle, my mom, my little cousin, my two sisters, and I were walking around in the beautiful city of Venice we all decided to eat at a classy restaurant called Historian dad Franz. Everything was made of shinny white and black marble, it had a stunning view out the window because you can see the hole city and the aroma was divine, you could taste every Italian dish you could ever imagine in the air.

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While we got seated at our table, the waiter gave each of us a menu. As were all deciding on what to get my sister decides to complain that everything on the menu was written in Italian. All thought to myself was, “Duh since we were in a foreign country called Italy. ” After our delicious Italian dinner with the family we all went on a walk around the city and it was remarkable because the view of Italy was so breathtaking and it was an image I could never forget. Especially at night time with all the bright sparkling lights and beautiful crowds of people I’ve never seen before walking and enjoying each others company.

We were all craving ice cream so we stopped by a mini Goleta shop that had all the flavors you could ever think of. It was like heaven for me because love ice cream since it was my favorite dessert and I always look forward it eating it! When we finished our delicious dessert we went back to our hotel to rest after a long day. The very next day I woke up with the sun hitting my face and with a huge smile because I entered what my family and I have planned for that day. We decided to go shopping and my sisters and were excited because we absolutely love buying new things especially from foreign countries.

We met so many nice Italians that helped us around by showing us where the malls were, where we can ride on a ship, and shared stories about why they love living in Italy and so many great memories they made. An old man was telling my family and I how he first came to Italy as a young kid and met a girl that he fell in love with and that they have been married for 38 years which was so adorable. A couple days later as we left the unforgettable trip to Italy we were driving our way to Monaco, a gorgeous city in France. “Mom it’s too hot! “, “Mom it’s too cold! “, “Mom I’m hungry! Is all I hear from my middle sister’s mouth and it was driving me crazy! Growing up, my sister and my family were almost always arguing with each other about something that she was always wrong about. Lars never listens to my parents and she complains about the smallest things that are not even worth complaining about. Well as we were waiting patiently to check into our hotel my impatient sister decides to whine n front of the desk clerk telling him to hurry up. Could feel my cheeks getting hotter and hotter, and wondered if anyone else was as mortified as I was.

My poor uncle, mom, sister, and even my little cousin Dominick who is 8 years old who acts more mature was mortified as well. We all had enough of Larva’s whines and complaints, all my family and I wanted to do is to enjoy this trip my uncle Karee surprised us with and spent time with each other. So we all decided to have a little talk with my sister and tell her what was bothering us. At first my sister started ignoring all that we were trying to tell her but soon she started actually listening to us and started to realize where we were coming from because she knew we were right.

We told her how she needed to change her attitude and try to enjoy this trip that luckily my Uncle surprised us with and let loose! Felt like a weight fell off my shoulder because held all my thoughts and feelings in since I didn’t want to embarrass my sister in public and put her in her place. But a nice small talk with her actually helped and solved the situation for the both of us. Now we could all have the time of our lives and make the last few days in France the best last days with my loving family.

Lying on a queen sized bed in the beach felt heavenly like was in paradise with the sun hitting my body while tanning and just listening to the breeze of ocean. Haven’t heard my sister complain for days now and really appreciate it. It’s times like this where I am really grateful for my family and I love spending every minute with them. We all just have to put the bad moments behind and toss them in the trash because all that counts s the great memories you make with the people you love which is a very special moment.

Whenever we argue or fight we all realize that those moments are teaching us things about each other and that we are all different which makes it extraordinary. Family cannot be wrapped in a box or be given to you. A family grows like a seed from the ground. Even though my sister and I will have troubles with one another and say things they don’t mean at times we eventually will kiss and make up because no matter what she will always be my sister and I will always love her. Family are the people hat you will hold love for forever and always have care and love for.

Our next stop was to Germany where there were no problems between my family and Lars! This whole trip has taught me a lesson and has changed my whole perspective with spending time with family. Eve experienced that no matter what you go through family will always be there by your side. Even when you fight and argue with your family you can never lose them. They are like something that won’t be, and couldn’t be, any, more special with the wave of a magic wand. I’m glad experienced this amazing trip and learned how to inverse properly with my sister when there is a dilemma that’s bothering me so I can just discuss it with her.

All it takes is having a conversation with the person you’re having some problems with and see how you can solve it with the person you care about. You will not know the value of something until you lose it which is meaningful because it’s a warning to appreciate what you have now, because you will never know how long you will have it for. I have also learned that family is magic, not like a fairy tale, and is never perfect, but you don’t care because you love it too much to risk trying.

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